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Research by Reg Jackson

FIFOOT William

Born c1822 (Ao).

1837 9 Jan. He was apprenticed to J.D. Pountney, aged 15 (Ao).
1842 16 May. Thomas Street, St Thomas parish, the son of William Fifoot, baker, he married Martha Priessell the daughter of James Priessell, a tailor (ThPR).
1848 23 Apr. Marlborough Street, St James’s parish on the baptism of his daughter Eliza Jane. Wife Martha (JaPR).
1851 Engine driver, Clifton and Bristol Gas Works, St Augustine-the-Less parish (27). His wife Martha was living at 15 Griffin Lane, St Michael’s parish, with heir children Sarah (6), Eliza (3) and William (1 mth), all born in Bristol (51C).



Born c1826 in Bristol (41C).

1841 Potter’s apprentice, Pipe Lane, Temple parish (15) (41C).


Born c1888 in Bristol, the son of Emily Bartlett (01C).

1901 Potteries assistant, 36 Dale Street, St Clement’s parish (13), living with his mother and siblings (01C).
1911 Builder’s labourer, 7 New Street, St Philip’s parish (24), living with his parenrs and siblings (11C).


Born c1838 in St Mary Redcliffe parish (61C).

1861 Mr Teagle’s Lodging House, Great Ann Street, St Philip’s parish (23) (61C).


Born c1879 in Bristol (01C).

1901 Stoneware potter, boarding at 47 Botolph Road, Bromley, Kent (22) (01C).
1911 Biscuit placer, Chapel Road, St Marks, Easton (34), living with his wife Selina (34), born in Bristol (11C).


Born c1863 in Warmley, Gloucestershire (91C).

1891 Jug maker, 9 Beaconsfield Road, St George (28), the wife of Philip. a labourer (91C).


See the Potteries List section for the 131 Temple Street Pottery.

It is not known when he started the Pottery.

c1775-79 Thomas Fletcher ran the 131 Temple Street Pottery.

Thomas Fletcher had died by March 1779 when his widow, Sarah, started paying rates on the Pottery. John Hope then took over the running of the Pottery and subsequently married Sarah Fletcher.


1772 15 May. A potter and widower of Temple parish, he was granted a licence to marry Sarah Banfield of the same parish at Temple (M).
1772 20 May. Thomas Fletcher married Sarah Banfield (TPR).
1775 Potter and earthenwarehouse, 131 Temple Street (SD).
1776 He stood sureties of £5 each for William Ellis and John Sambrook to keep alehouses in Temple parish (AKL).
1780 18 Dec. Presumably it was his widow who was granted a licence to marry John Hope, potter (M).  John Hope continued the Pottery at 131 Temple Street.
Rate book entries:
25 Mar 1778-25 Mar 1779 Thos Fletcher Temple Street (Temple-W)
25 Mar 1779-25 Mar 1780 Widow Fletcher Temple Street (Temple W)
29 Sep 1778-29 Sep 1780 Widow Fletcher Temple Street (Temple-Wa)


1804-5 Potter, Tower Street, Temple parish, 13 windows, £5 (Temple-W).
1804-5 Church Lane, Temple parish (Temple-W).
1815-20 Temple parish (TPR).
1834 Bedminster (TPR).
1880 12 Jul. Noted as a potter on the marriage of his daughter Eliza Jane Roach (61), widow, to John Roberts (63) (PPR).
Wife Ann
John, born 22 Feb 1815, bapt 9 Oct 1815 (TPR), Martha Hooper, bapt 12 Jun 1816 (TPR), Charlotte Sarah, born 5 Nov 1818, bapt 13 Jan 1819 (TPR), Eliza Jane, born 6 Jul 1820, bapt 3 Aug 1820 (TPR)


FLOOD Francis

1829 Temple parish (TPR).
1831 St Philip’s parish (PPR).
Wife Mary Ann
Jonathan, bapt 19 Apr 1829 (TPR), Henry Richards, bapt 25 Dec 1831 (PPR)

FLOOD Jonathan

See the Potteries List section for the Temple Back Pottery 1 and the St Philip’s Pottery 5.

Temple Back Pottery 1

This Pottery had previously been run by Edward Patience until 1818, when it was sold due to rent arrears.  Jonathan Flood was in partnership with someone called ‘Hicks’, although this partnership was dissolved in January 1818, before Flood acquired the Temple Back Pottery 1.

1818-47 Jonathan Flood ran the Temple Back Pottery 1.

Between 1822 and 1826 he was trading as Flood and Company, his partner for that period probably being John Bright I, as in 1821 the Pottery of ‘Flood and Bright’ was offered for sale.

Jonathan Flood died in February 1847 and the Pottery was taken over by Charles Webb, his son-in-law, who had married Flood’s daughter Leah.

St Philip’s Pottery 5

In 1828 Jonathan Flood took over the Pottery previously run by Mary Sheppard, which had been advertised to let in September 1828.

1828-34 Jonathan Flood ran the St Philip’s Pottery 5.

From 1834 Flood was listed as a brick and tile maker in St Philip’s Marsh and it appears the St Philip’s Pottery 5 closed.


Born c1774, the father-in-law of Charles Webb (Ancestry website).

1818 24 Jan. Partnerships dissolved: Flood and Hicks of Bristol, red-ware potters (FFJ).
1818 Flood & Hicks, brown ware potters, Commercial Road (ED).
1819 Jonathan Flood, red ware potter, Temple Back. Res: Pipe Lane (MD).
1820-21 Jonathan Flood, red ware pottery, Temple Back, near Bristol Pottery (MD).
1821 2 Jun. For sale: Lot 24. A pottery and warehouse … now in the occupation of Messrs Flood and Bright, stone ware potters.  These premises have a frontage, next the Commercial Road, of about 30 feet, and extend 170 feet in depth (Bristol Mercury).
1822-26 J. Flood & Co., red ware pottery, Temple Back, near Bristol Pottery (MD).
1823 No. 1 Temple Backs (west side) Next Cross Lane leading to Ash Lodge. Prop: Gas Light Co. Occup: Jonathan Flood, Pottery & warehouse £25 (BRO Survey 04248, BRO Temple AJ2).
1825 28 Feb. Temple Fair will open tomorrow on an extensive piece of ground near Floods Pottery, Commercial Road, Temple Backs (Bristol Mercury).
1827-28 J. Flood, red ware potter, Temple Back (MD).
1827 J. Flood exported earthenware to Jamaica (PB-EXP).
1829-34 J. Flood, red ware potter (late Sheppard), Temple Street & Avon Street (MD).
1834-46 J. Flood, brick and tile maker, St Philip’s Marsh (MD).
1835-43 J. Flood, red ware potter, Temple Back (MD).
1835 24 Oct. On 21 Oct, at Temple church, Mr C. Webb, chemist of Bath, married Leah, only daughter of Mr Flood of the pottery, Commercial Road (Bristol Mercury).
1836 Redcliff Ward, Pottery, Temple Back (WL).
1837 Temple Back, Temple parish (P).
1840 Redcliff Ward, Pottery, Temple Back (WL).
1841 Temple Back, Temple parish (P).
1844-47 J. Flood, red ware potter and water pipe manufacturer, Temple Back (MD).
1845 Redcliff Ward, House, Temple Back (WL).
1837 1 Feb. Probably the Jonathan Flood, aged 73, buried at Temple church (Ancestry website).
1847 15 Feb. Probably his wife Rebecca who was buried at Temple church, aged 65 (TPR).


FLOOK Alfred

Born c1864 in Fishponds (10C, 11C).

1901 Baker, Station Road, Fishponds (34), living with his wife Elizabeth (25), and children Florence (2) and Edward (2 mths) (01C).
1911 Pottery labourer, 30 Downend Road, Fishponds (47), living with his wife Elizabeth (38), born in Box, Wiltshire, and children Florence (12), Edward (10), Daisy (7) and George (1), all born in Fishponds (11C).

FLOOK Walter

Born c1860 in Bristol (71C).

1871 Porter in pottery, 24 St Silas Place, St Philip’s parish (11), the son of Charles, warehouseman out of employ (71C).

FLOOK Walter Thomas Aaron

Born c1874 in St George (91C).

1891 Potter’s clerk, 81 Clouds Hill Road, St George (17) (91C).
1901 Potter’s clerk, 13 Clouds Hill Road, St George (27) (01C).
1905 26 Dec. He was recorded as an employee of Pountney and Co. Ltd (Western Daily Press).
1911 Accountant, pottery manufacturer, 90 Robertson Road, Eastville (37), living with his wife Edith (35), born in St Paul’s and son Leslie (3), born in Fishponds (11C).
1936 17 Jan. He represented Pountneys at the funeral of Robert Glover (Western Daily Press).
1941 13 Mar. ‘Recently there was a presentation to a senior member of the staff of the Bristol Pottery, Fishponds, Mr W. Flook, on his retirement after 50 years of continuous service … At the gathering at the works there were men who had known Mr Flook during the whole of his half-century of service, and eleven of the number totalled 492 years … Two had 62 years to their credit, and the shortest period of any was 30 years.  Another point of interest in connection with the gathering was that one of the senior members of staff and his father could claim a total of over 100 years continuous service with the firm – Mr Joseph Marks J.P. who is so well known in this city’ (Western Daily Press).
1950 21 Jan. He died at 53 Downend Road, Downend, aged 76 (PRO National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1995).


Born c1722, the son of Joseph Flower of Bristol, cratemaker (A).

1736 14 Aug. He was apprenticed to Thomas Frank I. Friends to find apparel (A, Ao, Ar).
1742 29 Jan. A potter of St Mary Redcliffe parish, he was granted a licence to marry Sarah Lamb of the same parish at St Mary Redcliffe or St James (M).
1742 31 Jan. Joseph Flower married Sarah Lamb (RPR).
1744 12 Mar. He became a free potter (F, G).
1746 27 Feb. His son Joseph was baptised at St Mary Redcliffe church (Ancestry website).
1754 Potter, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1758 4 Feb. Sun Insurance Company policy no. 161092 taken out by: ‘Joseph Flower of … Bristol, Dealer in Earthenware.  On his stock in trade in his warehouse only situate in the Grove in the parish of St Stephen. Brick, stone and tiles £600’ (Adams 1976, 38).
1766 5 Feb. ‘Small Street and the Head of the Key [Quay] are becoming very great thoroughfares for persons and Carriages and frequent stoppages and accidents happen at Small Street Gate … Your Committee are of the opinion that the Gate should be taken down … and in order thereto it will be necessary to take down and set back a house in the occupation of Joseph Flower on the West side … of the Gate … together with a flight of steps belonging to the said Joseph Flower’ (CCP).
1767 12 Mar. Noted as a potter when his son Thomas became a free woollen draper (G).
1767 25 Apr. ‘Wednesday died Mrs Flower, wife of Joseph Flower, who keeps an earthenware-house at the side of the Quay’ (FFJ).
1767 20 Jun. ‘ To be sold at Auction … All the Household Goods and Brewing utensils of Mr Joseph Flower, at his dwelling house at Small Street Gate (leaving off housekeeping).  The trade will be continued as usual at the warehouse, there being a very good assortment of Fine and Course Earthen, Stone and Glass Wares, and Merchants, Shopkeepers and others may depend on being served in the best and cheapest manner by Their very humble servant Jos. Flower’ (FFJ).
1770-75 Potter, The Key; wife Mary (Wesleyan Membership Lists).
1771 1 May. A potter of St Leonard’s parish he was granted a licence to marry Mary Phillips at St James’s church (M).
1771 9 May. ‘Sunday was married at St James’ Church, Mr Joseph Flower, Potter, at the head of the Quay, to Mrs Phillips, widow of the late Mr Phillips, schoolmaster of this City’ (BG, FFJ).
1771 30 Jul. A potter of St Leonard’s parish he was bondsman to a licence granted to Mathew Mayer of Stockport, yeoman (M).
1771 3 Aug. ‘Thursday was married at St Nicholas Church, Mr Mayer to Miss Flower, daughter of Mr Joseph Flower, potter at the Head of the Quay’ (FFJ).
1774 Potter, St Leonard’s parish (P).
1775 Potter, 2 on the Key (SD).
1775 27 Sep. He imported ‘200 Worp Jugs and Mugs’ from Rotterdam (PB-IMP).
1776 Potter, The Key, Corn Street; wife Mary (Wesleyan Membership Lists).
1777 1 May. ‘Joseph Flower … is Remov’d from the Head of the Quay to No. 5 in Corn Street, next Door to the Post Office, where he continues to sell fine Cream-Colour – White Stone – and other Staffordshire Wares – Brown Nottingham – Delph – and Blue and White Dutch Stone Wares – Brown Stone Bottles and Pickling Jars – Common Yellow Platters, Porringers, etc. – also common Brown Quarts and Pints – Barnstaple Ovens, Salting Pans, Pitchers, Pots, etc – Bristol fine Glaz’d Pans, etc., and all other Sorts of Earthen and Stone ware; wholesale and retail on Reasonable Terms’ (BG).
1777-85 Potter, Corn Street; wife Mary (Wesleyan Membership Lists).
1785 7 Dec. He was buried in Bedminster, aged 64 (Ancestry website).
Joseph, bapt 27 Jan 1743 (RPR), Thomas, bapt 6 Apr 1745 (RPR), Joseph, bapt 27 Feb 1747, buried 3 Dec 1749 (RPR), Sarah, bapt 30 Oct 1748 (LPR), Joseph, bapt 29 Jun 1755 (LPR)


FLOYD Joseph

Born c1855 in Bristol (71C).

1871 67 Thomas Street, St Mary Redcliffe parish (16) living with his parents Thomas and Hannah Floyd, labourer (71C).
1881 General labourer, 26 Harford Square, Bedminster (26) (81C).


Born c1884 in Bristol (01C).

1901 Potter, 20 St Silas Street, St Silas parish (17) (01C).

FORD Gertrude

Born c1889 in Bristol, the sister-in-law of Thomas H. Benney (11C).

1911 Caster, potter, Whitehall Gardens, Whitehall Road (22), living with her brother-in-law and sister (11C).

FORD Harriet

Born c1855 in Bristol (81C).

1881 Potter’s help, 1 Hobbs Houses, St Philip’s parish (26) (81C).

FORD Henry

The father of James Ford II (PPR).

1873 16 Mar. Noted as a potter when his son James Ford II (27) of Ellbroad Street, St Philip’s parish, married Mary Ann Kelson (PPR).

FORD James I

Born c1814 in Shepton Mallet, Somerset (51C).

1828 28 Mar. He was apprenticed to J.D. Pountney, aged 14 years (Ao).
1841 Harford Street, Bedminster (P).
1841 Baptist Mills, Red Banks, St Philip’s parish (25) living with his wife Mary (25) born in Bristol, and child (41C).
1851 13 Conduit Place, St Barnabas parish (36), living with his wife Mary Ann (38) and children Martha (13), Henry (10), Ellen (7), Diana (5), John (2) and George (3 mths), all born in Bristol (51C).
1861 Warehouseman, 2 Fox’s Yard, Stapleton Road, St Philip’s parish (46), living with his wife Mary Ann (48) and son George (10) (61C).
1871 Potter mould maker, 9 Kingston Place, St Philip’s parish (55), living with his wife Mary (55), born in Doddiscombsleigh, Somerset (71C).