Bristol Potters and Potteries

Research by Reg Jackson

Bristol Potters - J

Research by Reg Jackson

JACKSON Florence

Born c1886 in Bristol (01C).

1901 Potter (printer), 2 Arthur Street, St Silas parish (15) (01C).


1865 3 Apr. Noted as a potter when his son Samuel (27) a soldier of 3 Clarke Street married Mary Ann Williams (EPR).



Born c1826, not in Bristol (41C).

1841 Glass House Court, Temple parish (15) (41C).


Born c1840 in Somerset (61C).

1861 Work at pottery, lodger at 2 Barton Street, St Philip’s (21) (61C).


Born c1833 in Bristol (51C).

1851 China painter, Mills Passage, Temple parish (18) (51C).

JAMES Albert

1881 14 Oct. He was charged with stealing three dozen pea shooters, 3 dozen tin whistles and a dozen kites, the property of Mary Webb, who kept a shop in Treefield Road. His mother said he had been apprenticed at a pottery, and had a good character.  The magistrates fined him 2s.6d and recommended that he should be chastised (Bristol Mercury).


Born c1887 in Bristol (01C).

1901 Potter, 28 Feeder Road, St Silas parish (14), living with her adoptive mother Ann Stephens (60), hawker, widow (01C).

JAMES Annie Maria Daisy

1949 2 Mar. ‘Mrs Annie Maria Daisy James (62) of 17 Stanley Street, Stapleton Road, who was stated to have been an “excellent and trusted servant” of Messrs Pountney and Co. Ltd for 40 years, was fined 15s when she pleaded guilty at Bristol Magistrates Court yesterday to stealing three cups valued at 1s.2d.  She asked that the theft of 15 cups and saucers shoul also be taken into consideration’ (Western Daily Press).


Born c1825 in Temple parish (61C).

1841 Labourer, 3 Crowns Court, St Philip’s parish (15) (41C).
1851 Probably the brickmaker, visiting 8 Redcliff Lane, St Mary Redcliffe parish (30) (51C).
1861 Labourer in potteries, 24 Rose Alley, Temple parish (36), living with his wife Hannah (34) born in Temple parish and children (61C).
1871 Unemployed labourer, 10 Rose Street, St Mary Redcliffe parish (48), living with his wife Anna (49), born in Doddington, Gloucestershire, and children (71C).
Harriet, born c1854 in Temple parish (61C), Mary Ann, born c1857 in Temple parish (61C), William, born c1860 in Temple parish (61C), Louisa, born c1862 in Bristol (71C).



Born c1830 in Bedminster (51C).

1851 Potter (stoneware), 14 Avon Street, Temple parish (21) living with his wife Ann (20) a shoemaker born in Bedminster and son Edwin (6 mths) born in Bedminster (51C).
1861 Bootmaker, 27 Old Market Street, St Philip’s parish (30), living with his wife Ann (28) and son Edwin (10) (61C).

JAMES George

The son of Samuel James of Bristol, scissor (A).

1707 28 Jun. He was apprenticed to Edward II and Mary Ward (A).
1713 16 Jan. His apprenticeship was transferred to James and Mary Ward, his master and mistress being dead (A).


Born c1847 in Bristol (71C).

1871 Labourer in pottery, 57 Colston Street, Bedminster (24), living with his wife Elizabeth (24), born in Bridgwater, Somerset, and daughter Annie (2), born in Bristol (71C).


Born c1792 in Minehead, Somerset (51C).

1812 14 Oct. He became a free stone potter as he was the son of Shefner James, a mariner (F).
1812 Stone potter, Wilmot’s Buildings, Temple parish (P).
1818 17 May. Stone potter, Temple parish (TPR).
1824 18 Jul. Bedminster (PPR).
1830-35 Temple Gate, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1832 Temple Gate, St Mary Redcliffe parish (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1841 Dean Lane, Bedminster (P).
1841 Potter, Dean Lane, Bedminster (45), living with his wife Frances (45), born in county, and children (41C).
1846 12 Jul. Paradise Row, Bedminster (JBPR).
1851 Brown stone burner, 7 Little Paradise, Bedminster (59), living with his wife Fanny (55), born in Liverpool, and children (51C).
1861 His wife was a widow (61C).
1861 24 Sep. Noted as a potter when his daughter Mary Naish (44) a widow of North Street married Solomon Samuel Brocks (JBPR).
Mary (aged 2¼ yrs) bapt 17 May 1818 (TPR), Mary, born 1821 in Bristol (41C, 51C), Matilda (3 wks) bapt 18 Jul 1824 (PPR), Edwin, born c1835 in Somerset (41C), Fanny Naomi, bapt 12 Jul 1846 (JBPR)


JAMES Joseph

1799 27 Oct. John Cox, the son of Joseph and Martha James of Kilkenny, potter, baptised (PPR).
1812 2 Jan & 7 Apr. He was described as a ‘late potmaker of Bristol’ when his sons, John and Joseph, were apprenticed to Jonathan Lord, cooper, and Samuel Lewis, confectioner (A).

JAMES Martin

1830 King Street, St Nicholas parish (P).

JAMES Philip

The son of Benjamin James of Bristol, joiner (A).

1747 9 Jan. He was apprenticed to Thomas II and Bathsheba Cantle, £10 paid with the apprentice. Friends to find apparel (A, Ao, Ar).
1754 29 Mar. He became a free potter (F).
1754 Potter, St James’s parish (P).
1774 Potter, Philip and Jacob parish (P).
1774 Judith, the wife of Philip James of Temple parish, potter, received £1 from John Whitson’s Charity for poor women in child bed (JW).
1775 China painter, 30 Ellbroad Street (SD).
1777 Judith, the wife of Philip James of St Philip and Jacob parish, potter, received £1 from John Whitson’s Charity for poor women in child bed (JW).
1788 20 Oct. He was described as a china painter when his son, Philip, was apprenticed to William Stratton, peruke maker (A).
Rate book entries:
29 Sep 1774-26 Mar 1776] Philip James Ellbroad Street (St Philip’s-PR).


JAMES Samuel I

Born c1840 in St Thomas’s parish (51C, 61C).

1851 Potter’s boy, 41 Thomas Street Court, St Thomas’s parish (11), living with his parents George, a haulier, and Mary (51C).
1861 Labourer, lodging at 7 Little Avon Street, temple parish (21) (61C).
1865 9 Jul. Bread Street, St Philip’s parish on the baptism of his son, William Henry (born 22 Jan 1865) (PPR).
1866 25 Jul. He was employed at Pountney’s Bristol Pottery when he took part in a race on the pottery’s boat ‘Marian’ in the Floating Harbour (Western Daily Press).
1871 5 Avon Place, Temple parish (29), living with his wife Elizabeth (27) born in London and son Henry (5) born in Bristol (71C).



Born c1851 in Bristol (81C).

1881 2 Mills Place, Temple parish (30) living with his wife Mary (24) born in Bristol and daughter Mary (2) born in Bristol (81C).
Mary, born c1879 in Bristol (81C), Rhoda, born 15 Oct 1884, bapt 2 Nov 1884 (PPR)



1815 1 Oct. Cheese Lane, St Philip’s parish on the baptism of his son Robert (aged 3 wks).  Wife Mary (PPR).


Born c1807 in St James’s parish (51C).

1851 Potter’s haulier, 27 Avon Street, Temple parish (44), a widower, living with his children Mary Ann (15) and Joseph (8) both born in St Philip’s parish (51C).