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Bristol Potters - K

Research by Reg Jackson

KANE Avis Margaret

Born c1874 in Normacot, Longton, Staffordshire, the daughter of Thomas Kane and the sister of Vincent Kane (81C, 91C).

1891 Earthenware gilder, 108 Greenway Bush lane, Bedminster (17), living with her parents and siblings (91C).

KANE Thomas

Born c1847 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, the father of Avis and Vincent Kane and the father-in-law of Enoch Staddon (91C, 01C).

1881 China decorator, Weir Road, Stone, Staffordshire (34), living with his wife Avis (34), born in Market Drayton, Shropshire, and children Bernard (9), born in Longton, Staffordshire, Avis Margaret (7), born in Normacot, Longton, James Robert (2), born in Longton and Florence (3 wks), born on Normacot, Longton (81C).
1891 Earthenware decorator, 108 Greenway Bush Lane, Bedminster (44), living with his wife Avis (39) and children including Henry (8), imbecile, born in Fenton, Staffordshire and Vincent (4), born in Bristol (91C).

KANE Vincent

Born c1887 in Totterdown, the son of Thomas Kane and the brother of Avis Margaret Kane (91C, 01C).

1901 Potter (china), visiting 3 Bush Street, Bedminster (15) (01C).
1911 Potter, Hele Cross Pottery, boarding at Albion Cottage, St Mary Church, Devon (25) (11C).


Born c1798 in Temple parish (51C).

1841 ‘Pottery’, Crown Court, Temple parish (40) (41C).
1851 Works at the pottery, 7 Ship Court, generally called Jones Court, Temple parish (53), widow (51C).


Born c1825 in Temple parish (51C).

1848 9 Apr. Browns Row, Bedminster, the son of William Keating, a mariner, he married Maria Rogers of Browns Row, the daughter of John Rogers, tailor (JBPR).
1851 Earthenware printer, 22 Avon Street, Temple parish (26) living with his wife Maria (21) tailoress, born in Wiveliscombe, Somerset (51C).
1861 Earthenware printer, 3 Pottery Cottage, West Ferry Road, Poplar, London (35), living with his wife Maria (30), an earthenware transferer (61C).
1871 Printer on earthenware, 7 Nicholas Street, Middlesbrough (44), living with his wife Maria (42), earthenware printer (71C).
1881 Potter painter, 4 Richmond Street, Middlesbrough (55), living with his wife Maria (50) (81C).
1891 Potter printer, 4 Entry off Welsh Street, Stoke-on-Trent (65), living with his wife Maria (61) (91C).


KEBBY William

1878 29 Oct. Described as a packer at Messrs Price Brothers potteries, when he gave evidence at the inquest into the death of James Withey (Bristol Mercury).


1803 20 Aug.  Noted as a Bristol potter, deceased, when his son Charles was apprenticed to Brooke Smith, gentleman (A).


KEELING Thomas Calloway

The son of Thomas Trust Keeling, born in 1783 in St Philip’s parish (PPR).

1783 29 Sep. He was baptised the son of Thomas Trust and Ann Keeling, potter, of Carey’s Lane, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1801 Avon Street, St Philip’s parish (MD).
1804 31 Dec.  He obtained his freedom by virtue of his marriage to Mary, the daughter of William Williams, a victualler (F).
1805 Avon Street, St Philip’s parish (MD).
1812 Potter, St Paul’s, Deptford, Kent (P).


KEELING Thomas Trust (or Truss, or Trees)

The father of Thomas Calloway Keeling.

1779 Potter, Carey’s Lane, St Philip and Jacob parish (PPR).
1782 Ann, wife of Thomas Keeling of St John’s parish, potter, received £1 from John Whitson’s Charity for poor women in child bed (JW).
1783-90 Potter, Carey’s Lane, St Philip and Jacob parish (PPR)
1799 21 Dec. He was described as a potter of Avon Street, St Philip and Jacob parish, when his son, George, was apprenticed to Rice Wasborough, clockmaker (A).
1801-05 Potter, Avon Street (MD).
Rate book entries:
25 Mar 1780-29 Sep 1786] ‘Thomas Tuskeeling/Truskalyn’ Cary’s Lane (St Philip’s-PR)
William Trees, bapt 1 Sep 1779 (PPR), Thomas Calloway, bapt 29 Sep 1783 (PPR), Augustus, bapt 16 Jul 1786 (PPR), Harriet Elizabeth, bapt 28 Dec 1790 (PPR), George, apprenticed 21 Dec 1799 (A)



1739 China man, St Nicholas parish (P).


1896 2 Aug. Noted as a potter, deceased, when his daughter Florence Emily (28) of Old Market Street married William Dunn (PPR).



1789-90 Eugene Lane, Temple parish (Temple-W).


Born c1872 in Bristol (91C).

1891 Pottery hand, 61 Victoria Street, St Philip’s parish (19) (91C).
1901 Dressmaker, 1 Nicholas Park, Easton (28), living with her father, George, a printer’s compositor, and siblings (01C).

KENT William

1818 8 Nov. St James’s parish on the baptism of his sons William (aged 9 yrs) and James Southey.  Wife Maria (JaPR).


KEY Henry

Born c1838 in Darlaston, Staffordshire (61C).

1861 Potter presser, lodging at 43 Hope Street, Hanley, Staffordshire (23) (61C).
1871 7 Penn Street, St Paul’s parish (32), living with his wife Emma (40), ‘late potter’, both born in Bristol and children Henry White (stepson) (19), George White (stepson) (17), Frances White (stepdaughter) (15), William White (stepson) (13) and Alice Keys (10), all born in Bristol (71C).

KIDD James

Born c1839 (RPR).

1869 25 Oct. Potter of 9 Chatterton Square, St Mary Redcliffe parish (30) the son of Josiah Kidd, labourer, when he married Annie Howes (23) of 9 Chatterton Square, the daughter of Thomas Howes, labourer (RPR).


Born c1854 in Bristol (71C).

1871 Pottery assistant, 3 Clarks Court, St Philip’s parish (17) (71C).

KING Charles

Born c1893 in Fishponds (11C).

1911 General labourer, Pountney & Co., 2 Snowdon Road, Fishponds (18) (11C).

KING James John

Born c1859 in St Augustine’s parish (91C).

1891 Potter’s labourer, 4 Prewett Place, St Mary Redcliffe parish (32), living with his wife Catherine (30), born in Bedminster, and children William (9), Florence (7), both born in Bedminster, James J. (5) and Ada (3), both born in Bermondsey, London (91C).
1901 Potter’s labourer, widower, 3 Bright Street, Temple parish (42), living with his children, including Teddy E. (7) born in Bedminster and Mable C. (5), born in St Thomas’s parish (01C).

KING Sarah I

Born c1818 in Temple parish (71C).

1871 1 Tower Street Terrace, Temple parish (53) living with her husband William King, a labourer on the Quay (71C).
1881 No occupation, 6 Little Avon Street, Temple parish (60), living with her husband (81C).