Posted on: August 3rd, 2017 by Reg Jackson

Born c1853 in North Shields, Northumberland, the father of Thomas Westgarth (91C).

1871 Potter, 12 Dundas Mews, Middlesborough, Yorkshire (20), living with his father Thomas Westgarth, potter, and mother Eleanor, born in Scotland (71C).
1881 Clay potter, widower, 91 Lower Denmark Street, Linthorpe, Yorkshire (30), living with his children Thomas (6), born in Stockton, Durham, and George (4), born in Scotland (81C).
1891 Potter’s hollow ware presser, 10 Beaconsfield Road, St George (38), living with his wife Anne (37), born in Grantown, Scotland, and children Thomas (16), born in North Stockton, Durham, and Mary (8), born in Westhartlepool, Durham (91C).
1901 Potter, clay presser, 7 Short Street, St Silas parish (47), living with his wife Annie (46) and his adopted son William Beer (6), born in Bristol (01C).
1911 Potter, hollow ware presser, 3 Dunkirk Road, Fishponds (59), living with his wife Annie (57) and nephew William Beer (17) (11C).


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