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Born in c1830 in Temple parish, the son of Thomas I and Elizabeth Webster and brother of Elizabeth, Mary and Fanny Webster (51C).

1844 12 Mar. He was apprenticed to J.D. Pountney, aged 14 years (A, Ao).
1851 18 Rose Alley, Temple parish (20), living with his parents and siblings (51C).
1854 1 May. Langton Street (21) the son of Thomas Webster, a potter, he married Jane Young (21) of Langton Street, the daughter of George Young, a grocer (JBPR).
1854 24 Dec. Jacob Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1858-67 Bread Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1861 Potter and publican, 1 Thomas Street, St Thomas’s parish (29), living with his wife Jane (24), born in Bedminster, and children (61C).
1871 His wife was a widow and a beerhouse keeper, 50 Temple Street, Temple parish (71C).
William Robert (aged 10 wks), bapt 24 Dec 1854 (PPR); George Thomas (aged 2 wks), bapt 19 Sep 1858 (PPR); Jane Louisa, born 18 Nov 1860, bapt 23 Dec 1860 (PPR); Mary Louisa, born 8 Aug 1866, bapt 24 Mar 1867 (PPR); Thomas, born c1870 in Bristol (71C); Alice, born c1870 in Bristol (71C)


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