WARD Thomas II

Posted on: October 30th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1734, he was the son of Thomas Ward II (TPR).

1734 18 Jun. He was baptised, the son of Thomas and Frances Ward (TPR).
1756 24 Feb. He became a free potter as he was the son of Thomas Ward I (F, G).
1757-72 He stood sureties of £5 each for Boon Powell, potter, William Richards and George Smith to keep alehouses in Temple and St Mary Redcliffe parishes (AKL).
1773 Thos. Ward, Temple Street (Temple-LS).
1773-74 Potter, Temple Street; wife Mary (Wesleyan Membership Lists).
1774 Potter, Temple parish (P).
1775-79 Mary Ward, schoolmistress, Temple Street (Wesleyan Membership Lists).
1777 10 Jan. ‘Mary Ward (Widow of Thomas Ward, Potter) aged 40 years’ appears in a list of ‘The Names and Ages of Freemen’s Widows of the City of Bristol, as belong to the Parish of Temple, who do receive weekly pay and who are recommended to the Trustees of Mrs Langston’s Charity as people objects for the reception of the same by me A Catcold Vicar of Temple’ (BRO Temple Fa 1(2)).
1777 6 Feb. Mary Ward’s name was marked to indicate that she was a recipient from Mrs Langston’s Charity (BRO Temple Fa 1(2)).


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