Posted on: October 29th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1856 in Temple parish (JBPR, 11C).

1880 25 Dec. 11 Mead Street, Bedminster the son of John Tilley, a labourer, he married Rhoda Mary Ann Abigail Pearce (21) of 9 Weare Street, the daughter of John Pearce, a labourer (JBPR).
1901 Potter, 22 Harleston Street, Holy Trinity parish (44), living with his wife Rhoda (38) and children Margery (15) and Nellie (8), both born in Bristol (01C).
1911 Labourer, provision warehouse, 31 Webb Street, Stapleton Road (51), living with his wife Rhoda (48) and daughter Ada Nellie (17) (11C).


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