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The son of John Thrall of Bristol, tiler and plasterer (A).

1704 16 Nov. He was apprenticed to Mary Orchard to be educated in the art of a potmaker (A, Ar).
1712 3 Dec. He became a free potmaker (F, G).
1717 6 Mar. Ann Thrall buried (RPR).
1717 20 Jul. ‘William Thrall, aged 2 months’ buried (RPR).
1718 21 Nov. ‘Joseph Thrall, aged 18 months’ buried (RPR).
1722 Potter, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1727 12 Feb. Martha, daughter of Joseph Thrall, potter, baptised (RPR).
1727 1 May. A ‘Joseph Throle of the City of Bristol, potter’ was one of the lives on a lease granted to William Whidler for six and a half acres of arable land in either Pensford, Publow or Woollard (SRO DD/PO/57 – information from Marek Lewcun).
1727 26 May and 14 Oct. A potter of St Mary Redcliffe parish, he was bondsman to licences granted to Joseph Taylor I, potter, and Abraham Thrall, tiler (M).
1729 3 Jun. ‘Joseph Thrawl agt. John Smith, potter on Redcliff Hill. Thursday June 3 1729 Pltf proved Deft. indebted to him 2s.2½d for Geneva and Tobacco sold Order’d it be pd with costs in a month’ (C).
1730 19 Mar. ‘Joseph Thrall agt Aaron Cantle, potter near St Phillips Churchyard’ (C).
1730 4 Oct. ‘Mary Thrall, aged 15 years’ buried (RPR).
1733 16 Aug. ‘Ended, Joseph Thrall agt John Robins at Mr Frank’s pothouse Redcliff Backs’ (C).  See also Thomas Frank I and John Robins.
1735 30 Jan. His son, Thomas, apprenticed to Henry Pool, wheelwright (A, Ar).
1739-56 He stood sureties of £5 each for eleven people to keep alehouses in St Mary Redcliffe, Temple, St James’s and St Mary le Port parishes (AKL).
1743 6 Aug. He petitioned for the post of Exchange Keeper, but was unsuccessful (CCP).
1753 17 Jun and 23 Aug. A potter of St Philip and Jacob parish, he was bondsman to licences granted to Benjamin Quarman, potter, and William Matchin, potter (M).
Rate and tax book entries:
25 Dec 1717-25 Dec 1736 Joseph Thrall (SMR-LS,PR)
25 Mar 1728-29 Sep 1739] Joseph Thrall Redcliffe Street (SMR-L)
25 Dec 1739-25 Dec 1740 ‘Occup. of Late Thrall’ Redcliffe Street (SMR-LS)


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