TAYLOR William I

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See the Potteries List section for the Water Lane Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by Thomas Cantle II.

1756-77 William Taylor ran the Water Lane Pottery.
It appears that at some time during this period he may have been in partnership with his brother, Joseph Taylor II, as they are mentioned together in a document of 1774.
His cousin, Thomas Taylor II, may also have been involved with him in the Pottery as his address is given as Water Lane in 1760 and he took apprentices in 1760 and 1768.

He was succeeded at the Pottery by Richard Frank, although William Taylor I became involved in running the Pottery again in 1788.

1788-91 In 1788 he entered into partnership with Joseph Ring I and Henry Carter at the Water Lane Pottery. On Ring’s death in the same year the partnership was between his widow, Elizabeth Ring, William Taylor I and Henry Carter.

The partnership was dissolved on 31 December 1791, the Water Lane Pottery continuing under the partnership of Robert Ring and Henry Carter.


The son of Joseph Taylor I and brother of Joseph Taylor II.

1747 8 Jul. He was apprenticed to his parents (A, Ao, Ar).
1755 16 Feb. John, son of William and Susanna Taylor, baptised (RPR).
1756 23 Jun. He became a free potter (F, G).
1757-67 Potter, Water Lane (Ao).
1764 He stood surety of £5 for Richard Winpenny to keep an alehouse in St Ewen’s parish (AKL).
1774 4 Jul. ‘To be Lett, Several large warehouses with Lofts over them, one stable and 3 stalls and a large commodious Yard, situate upon Temple Backs, near the River, for many years past, in the Occupation of Wm. and Jos. Taylor, Potters, to whom apply; or to Richard Frank & Son on Redcliff Backs’ (BG).  See also Joseph Taylor II.
1775 Potter, 10 Water Lane (SD).
1786 Rents given by Sir Thomas White:
‘holder: William Taylor, potter; house, Water Lane, Temple Street, possession Jos. Ring, distiller, Ann. Rent £1.6s.2d.
holder: William Taylor of London, potter; premises Water Lane or Temple Street, possession Jos. Ring, distiller, Ann. Rent 3s’ (BRO 04243(1)).
1788 6 Jun. Bondsman to Elizabeth Ring’s agreement to administer her husband’s estate (Adm).
John Perrins, 26 Jun 1756 (A)-19 Mar 1768 (F, G)
Thomas Lewin, 26 Jun 1756 (A)
John Smith II, 26 Jun 1756 (A)
Caleb Lovell, 26 Jun 1756 (A)-9 Sep 1758 (F, G)
James Penny, 1 Nov 1757 (A, Ao)
William Neighbours, 20 Jun 1758 (A, Ao)
Richard Smart, 7 Aug 1758 (A, Ao)-discharged 17 Jan 1760 (A)
William Jones, 29 Nov 1758 (A, Ao)
Stephen Sweeney, 1 Nov 1760 (A, Ao)
James Alsop I, 9 Nov 1761 (A, Ao)-4 Oct 1774 (F, G)
John Hock, 1 Mar 1762 (A, Ao)
William Davis, 7 Oct 1762 (A, Ao)-6 Oct 1774 (F, G)With wife Susannah:
William Radford, 25 Mar 1767 (A, Ao)-4 Oct 1774 (F, G)
John Thomas, 8 Mar 1790 (A)
Rate and tax book entries:
Property 1: Water Lane Pottery
29 Sep 1756-25 Mar 1777 Messrs Taylor & Co./William Taylor/and Co./Potthouse Water Lane (Temple-L,LS,W,Wa)Property 2
1762-69 William Taylor Church Street (Temple-LS)


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