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Born c1841 in Bristol, the son of George I and Jane Tanner and brother of George Tanner II, Thomas Tanner II, Louise Tanner, Henry Tanner and Maria Tanner II, and the husband of Amelia Tanner (PPR, 61C, 71C, 81C).

1861 Boarding at 7 Red Rank, St Philip’s parish (18) (61C).
1863 16 Nov. Avon Street, St Philip’s parish (20) the son of George Tanner I, a potter, he married Amelia Smith (19) of Avon Street, the daughter of Enoch Smith, a butcher (PPR).
1866 28 Apr. George Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1868 31 May. West Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1870 & 73 Pennywell Road, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1871 Potter presser, 3 Barton Place, St Philip’s parish (27), living with his wife Amelia (26), potter presser, born in Bristol, and children (71C).
1877 26 Sep. Thomas Tanner of Henry Road, Baptist Mills, was charged with assaulting his wife Amelia. They both worked at a pottery and could earn, when in full work from £2 to £3 per week (Western Daily Press).
1881 2 Barton Place, St Philip’s parish (37), living with his wife Amelia (36), a potter, born in Bristol and children (81C).
1891 It was possibly his daughter Harriet who was in the Girls Home, Dowry Parade, Clifton, aged 13, suggesting that he and his wife had died (91C).
Clara, born c1884 in Bristol; Samuel Thomas, born 4 Apr 1866, bapt 28 Apr 1866 (PPR); Rosina, born 17 Feb 1868, bapt 31 May 1868 (PPR); Thomas, born 12 Feb 1870, bapt 13 Mar 1870 (PPR); Alfred, born c1871 in Bristol (81C); Amelia, born 21 Oct 1873, bapt 9 Nov 1873 (PPR); Minnie, born c1874 in Bristol (81C); Harriett, born c1878 in Bristol (81C)

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