Posted on: October 22nd, 2016 by webfooted

See the Potteries section for the Temple Back Pottery 1.

c1801-03 Richard Skidmore may have been running the Temple Back Pottery 1.

It was then taken over by Edward Patience.

The son of Richard Skidmore of St Philip’s parish, smith (A).

1773 10 Mar. He was apprenticed to James and Elizabeth Hill, £20 paid with the apprentice (A, Ao).
1780 2 Sep. He became a free bricklayer and potmaker (F). (This suggests he was making crucibles and building furnaces for the glass works).
1781 Bricklayer and potmaker, St Philip’s parish (F).
1792 Potter, Thomas Street (RD).
1795 Potmaker, St Philip’s parish (MD).
1801-02 Potmaker for glass houses, Temple Back (MD).
1803 Potmaker, Temple Back (MD).


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