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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 5.

1801-23 Samuel Sheppard ran the St Philip’s Pottery 5.

He died in October 1823 and the Pottery was taken over by his widow, Mary Sheppard.


The son of Thomas Sheppard of Bristol, sawyer, deceased (A).

1786 27 May. He was apprenticed to Richard and Mary Room. Friends to find apparel and washing (A, Ao).
1788-89 He was paid the following wages at the Bedminster Pottery:
1788: 4 Oct 7s.11d; 11 Oct 6s.8d; 18 Oct 8s.2d; 25 Oct 8s.4d; 1 Nov 5s.2d; 8 Nov 7s.5d; 15 Nov 5s.11d; 22 Nov 6s.2d; 29 Nov 6s.9d.
1789: 27 Jun 4s.7½d; 4 Jul 9s.11½d; 11 Jul 12s.3½d.
(Bedminster Pottery Day Book)
1801 6 May. Bread Street, St Philip’s parish (T).
1801-02 Samuel Sheppard, red glazed ware, chimney and garden pot maker, Bread Street (MD).
1803-17 Samuel Sheppard, red glazed ware, chimney and garden pot maker, Avon Street, Great Gardens (MD).
1805 14 Aug. He became a free potter (F).
1805 19 Aug. Potter, Castle Street (Ao).
1807-19 Potter, Queen Street (Ao).
1812 Avon Street, St Philip’s parish (P).
1816 Potter, Avon Street (ED).
1818-19 Samuel Sheppard, red and glazed wares, chimney and garden pot manufacturers, Avon Street, Great Gardens (MD).
1819 18 Oct. ‘To be let, and entered upon immediately, a stone pottery, with every requisite for immediate work, adjoining the Float. The premises may be applied to any other business requiring room. Apply to Mr M. Sheppard on the premises, Avon Street, out-parish of St Philip and Jacob’ (Bristol Mercury). [Presumably M. Sheppard was a mistake for S. Sheppard].
1820-24 Samuel Sheppard, brown ware potter, Avon Street (MD).
1821 23 Dec. Potter, Redcliffe Pit (RPR).
1823 3 Oct. A potter of St Philip’s parish he made his will, leaving all his estate to his wife Mary and to their children on her death. The will was proved on 22 Mar 1824. Thomas Bawn Yabbicom (potter) was  a witness to the will (PRO Prob 11/1683).
1823 10 Oct. He was buried (Ancestry website).
1823 11 Oct. ‘Died Monday, Mr Samuel Sheppard, potter, Avon Street, St Philips’ (FFJ).
Isaac Sweet, 19 Aug 1805 (A, Ao)-6 Oct 1812 (F)
William Richards, 13 Feb 1807 (A, Ao)
Philip Price, 14 Aug 1807 (A, Ao)-13 Jun 1818 (F)
John Watkins, 9 Sep 1811 (A, Ao)With wife Mary:
John Riddle, 1 Feb 1819 (A, Ao)
Samuel Lewis (born 12 Oct), bapt 23 Dec 1821 (RPR), Matilda, bapt 19 Oct 1828 (PPR)


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