ROADS Timothy

Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by webfooted
1764 31 Mar. ‘Last Week Timothy Roads, belonging to the Pothouse at St Anne’s, near Brislington, with his Wife, Apprentice, and Journeyman, were committed to Ilchester Gaol, for making base Shillings; they were discover’d thro’ the Apprentice’s endeavouring to pass one of them, which the Person refusing, he innocently said he would go home and change it, for that his Master made them.  Hereupon the house was searched, and sufficient Proof appear’d for their Commitment as above.  They will be tried for the same at Taunton Assizes, which begins on Monday next the 2d of April’ (FFJ).
1764 14 Apr. ‘On Thursday fe’nnight the Assizes ended at Taunton, for the County of Somerset … eight were discharged for Want of Prosecution, among whom were James Roads, Elizabeth his Wife, William Bennett, and James Fox, for counterfeiting the Coin of this Kingdom’ (FFJ).

It is not clear whether Roads was a potter or simply living at the Brislington Pottery, which had been advertised for sale in 1745.

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