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See the Potteries List section for the Water Lane Pottery.

She succeeded her husband, Joseph Ring I, in the existing partnership with William Taylor I and Henry Carter.

1788-91 Elizabeth Ring, William Taylor I and Henry Carter ran the Water Lane Pottery.

The partnership between these three was dissolved on 31 December 1791 and Elizabeth Ring retired from the firm which continued under the name of Ring and Carter (Robert Ring and Henry Carter), Robert Ring being the brother of Joseph Ring I.

However, Elizabeth Ring seems to have still been associated with the firm of Ring and Carter, as she operated a pottery saleroom in Bath Street.


The daughter of Richard Frank Ring, potter, she married Joseph Ring I, potter, on 4 Jul 1765 (QR).

1788 5 Apr. Her husband, Joseph Ring I, died (Q).
1788 19 Apr. ‘The Manufacture of Queen’s-Ware on Temple Backs, is continued to be carried on in its several Branches by the Widow of the late Joseph Ring, and her Partner, under the firm of Ring, Taylor and Carter …’ (BMBJ).
1789 1 Mar. ‘Hannah Ring died 25.2.1789 aged 21 years, Temple parish, daughter of Elizabeth, buried Redcliff Pitt’ (QR).
1789 11 Aug. ‘Sarah Ring, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Ring of Bristol, married Frederick Cookworthy of Bristol’ (QR).  Frederick Cookworthy, a haberdasher, was the son of Benjamin and Sarah Cookworthy of Plymouth, Devon (QR) and was thus the nephew of William Cookworthy, the porcelain manufacturer.
1791 Water Lane, Temple parish (Ao).
1792 11 Feb. The partnership between Elizabeth Ring, William Taylor and Henry Carter was dissolved on 31 December 1791 (BMBJ).
1793 16 Apr. ‘Lydia Ring died 12 April 1793 aged 22, Temple parish, daughter of Elizabeth, buried at Redcliff Pit’ (QR).
1797 25 Jan. A list of persons whose gouts led into the common sewer between Temple and St Thomas parishes included Elizabeth Ring, earthenware shop, Bath Street (Q).
1802 4 Mar. Advertisement for Henry Carter’s Bristol Pottery mentioned ‘his large and extensive Ware-Room, at Mrs Ring’s, No. 14, Bath Street, opposite the Porter Brewery’ (BG).
1813 15 Jul. Will of Elizabeth Ring: ‘I give as follows: viz to my Daughter Sarah Cookworthy my cr.. [illegible] Stand & Casters to my daughter Elizabeth Ring my silver cup with glass Bottom and my mother’s Gold ring – to my daughter Sophia Ring 1 grevay spoon 6 Tea spoons and sugar tongs to my daughter Rebecca 1 silver spoon cream jug and punch ladle with a piece of coin in the Bottom to my son Richard Frank Ring 1 Mahogany Ward Robe and to my son John Ring the sum of five guineas … all my household furniture Books Weiring apparel to my Daughters Elizabeth Sophia and Rebecca Ring share and share alike … N.B. my mothers Watch and any small things in silver I request my daughter Elizabeth to Dispose of as She may see proper’.
1814 4 Mar. She made a codicil to her will: ‘I give and bequeath unto my Daughters Elizabeth Ring and Sophia Ring all such stock capital share right and interest profits arrears of profits and money as shall belong to me at the time of my decease of and in the trade or business of Earthenware China and Glass Dealers now carried on by me and by my said Daughters under my name in High Street in the City of Bristol …’ (BRO Will 1816).  This will was proved 12 August 1816.
1816 16 Feb. ‘Elizabeth Ring died 8 February 1816 aged 76 years of Temple parish relict of Joseph, potter, buried at Redcliff Pit’ (QR).
William Howell, 5 Aug 1791 (A, Ao)
Benjamin Radford, 27 Oct 1791 (A, Ao)-1 Oct 1812 (F)
John Williams II, date of apprenticeship unknown – 16 Jan 1792 (F)
Rate book entries:
29 Sep 1787-29 Sep 1789 Widow Ring Water Lane (Temple-Wa)


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