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Born c1833 in St Philip’s parish, the father of Harry Rexworthy (51C, 61C, 71C).

1851 1 Penn Street, St Peter’s parish (18), he was living with his parents William and Mary Rixworthy, a tanner, born in Wiltshire (51C).
1854 26 Dec. He married Eliza Regan at St Paul’s church (Ancestry website).
1861 Potter, Fronting Road, Horfield (28), living with his wife Eliza (30), born in Clifton, and children Alice Emily (5), Mary (2) and Frederick Henry (1), all born in Horfield (61C).
1871 Potter, Cribbs Causeway, St George (39), living with his wife Eliza (41) and children including Henry/Harry (9), Ellen (7), both born in Horfield, and Emily (4), born in St Philip’s parish (71C).
1879 9 Aug. Described as being employed at the Crown Pottery for the last 27 years. He brought an action against Alfred Bruton, the owner of the World’s End public house in St George, for seducing his daughter, Mary Augusta, aged 21, and getting her pregnant. The action was dismissed through want of evidence (Western Daily Press).
1881 Potter, lodging at 49 Matthew Street, Swansea (49). His wife was living at 11 Jocky Lane, St George, with heir children (81C).
1891 Potter, boarding at Burchills Green Road, St George (58). His wife Eliza was described as a widow and living at 97 Twinnell Road, St Philip’s parish, with heir daughter Mary (91C).
1898 He died in Bristol, aged 66 (Ancestry website).
1901 His wife was a widow (01C).


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