Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1806 in county, the son of Thomas Privett (41C, A).

1813 9 Jan (or 12 Jan; A). The son of Thomas Privett he was apprenticed to Joseph and Sarah Ring (A, Ao).
1821 1 Apr. Temple parish (TPR).
1835 & 40 Temple Street, Temple parish (ThPR; PPR).
1841 Potter, Morris Court, Temple parish (35), living with his wife Hannah (25), born in county, and children (41C).
1843 4 Jun. Temple parish (PPR).
1851 He had died and his wife Hannah had remarried to James Baird (51C).
Wife Catherine: Ann, born 6 Mar 1821, bapt 1 Apr 1821 (TPR). Wife Hannah: Charles, bapt 2 Sep 1835 (ThPR), William (aged 3 wks), bapt 5 Jul 1840 (PPR), James Henry (aged 6 wks), bapt 4 Jun 1843 (PPR)


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