PRICE Reece (Richard)

Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by webfooted
1685 21 Jan. The inventory of Reece Price of St Mary Redcliffe parish, potter:

The decds wearing apparel 1s.3d; three flock beds, three flock bolsters, two Ruggs, one coverlet, one blanket, one paire of curtins and vallious of kittermisser stuffe and two truckle bedsteeds 16s.0d; two old joint stooles, six matted chayres, one cupboard, a old chest, a trunk and a old drawer 4s.3d; a paire of fier irons, a fire shovel and tongs 2s.0d; a small table 1s.6d;two paire of course old sheets and three old course towels 2s.1½d; a small spit and three small hooks 6d. Total £1.7s.7½d. (BRO Inventory 1684/48)

1785 23 Jan. Richard Price, potter of Bristol, deceased.  Administration granted to his wife, Elizabeth (Adm.).

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