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See the Potteries List section for the Temple Back Pottery 1.

The Pottery had probably previously been run by Richard Skidmore.

1803-1818 Edward Patience ran the Temple Back Pottery 1.

Due to Edward Patience’s rent arrears the Pottery was sold early in 1818, and was taken over by Jonathan Flood.


He was born c1779 in Bristol, the son of Thomas Patience (A).

1779 24 Mar. He was baptised, the son of Thomas and Ann Patience (TPR).
1793 15 Apr. He was apprenticed to Joseph and Ann Gadd.  Friends to find apparel and washing (A, Ao).
1803 5 Jan. He became a free potter (F).
1803-06 Potter or stone potter, Temple Back (Ao).
1804 The Harbour Rate for Temple parish shows that the Pottery adjoined John Ring’s clay tobacco pipe factory (Temple-H).
1805 21 Dec. Partnerships dissolved: Edward Patience, Samuel Gough and Thomas Gough of Bristol, brown stone-ware manufacturers (Staffordshire Advertiser – information from Rodney Hampson).
1806-07 Edward Patience and Co., brown stone potters, Temple Street (MD).
1808-18 Edward Patience, brown stone potter, Temple Back (MD).
1809 Edward Patience, potter, age 27, Colston’s Parade, Redcliffe Ward (BRO L3, Militia List).
1812 Potter, Iron Bridge, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1816 Edward Patience, Temple Back (ED).
1818 21 Feb. ‘Under Distress for Rent, To Be Sold By Auction … On the Premises … the 21st February … All the extensive and valuable Stock in Trade, Materials of two large-size Burning Kilns, numerous Manufacturing Implements, some articles of Household Furniture; and other Effects of Mr Edward Patience, Stone Potter, at his Manufactory, Temple-Backs, Bristol …’ (FFJ).
1818 19 Mar. ‘Brown Stone Ware to be Sold by Auction … On the Premises … All the extensive and truly valuable Stock in Trade, numerous Manufacturing Implements and other effects, late the property of Mr E. Patience, Stone Potter, at his Manufactory, Temple Backs, Bristol.  The Stock in Trade comprises an extensive variety of every description of Brown Stone, and Other Ware, numerous Fire Bricks, an assortment of clay and other articles …’ (BG).
1818 28 Mar. ‘To Potters, Earthenware-Men and Others, To be Peremptorily Sold By Auction … the 1st and 2nd April, The Stock and Implements in Trade of Mr Patience, Potter, Temple-Backs … The Stock comprises large quantity of spirit, spruce and ginger beer, soda water, pickling, preserve and other jags; assortment of different kinds of Earthenware and numerous other Effects …’ (FFJ).
George Cox, 24 Jan 1803 (A, Ao)
Thomas Collier, 27 Oct 1803 (A, Ao)
Joseph Rees, 8 May 1804 (A, Ao)
James Appleford, 3 Jun 1806 (A, Ao)-11 Jun 1818 (F)
John Richmond, 9 Jun 1806 (A, Ao)
Benjamin Matchin, 31 Dec 1806 (A, Ao)-7 Nov 1816 (F)
Rate book entries:
[1802-03] Patience & Co. ½ void Borough Walls (Temple-Wa)
[1803-05 Patience & Co. Borough Walls (Temple-Wa)
1804-06 Edward Patience for Pottery Borough Walls (Temple-H)
1807-12 Edward Patience Pottery Borough Walls (Temple-Wa)


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