Posted on: December 25th, 2017 by Reg Jackson

Born c1872 in Temple parish, the son of John Parker II and the brother of Emmanual Parker (81C, 01C).

1872 1 Feb. Baptised the son of John and Eliza Parker (TPR).
1891 Labourer, 37 Pipe Lane, Temple parish (19), living with his parents and siblings (91C).
1901 Potter gloss placer, 11 Weare Street, Bedminster (29), living with his wife Lydia (27), born in Bristol (01C).
1911 Glost warehouseman, Chalton House, 17 Justice Road, Causeway, Fishponds (38), living e Lydia (36), and his niece, Emily Hathway (6), who he had adopted (11C).


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