PARDOE William Henry

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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 3.

The Pottery had previously been run by Henry Yabbicom II and Edward Yabbicom until 1844.

1847-66 William Henry Pardoe ran the St Philip’s Pottery 3.

William Henry Pardoe died in 1867 and the Pottery then seems to have closed. However, there is a reference in 1875 to the Pottery being occupied by James Gibbs, although are no references to James Gibbs being a potter and he may have been carrying on some other trade in the buildings.


The son of Thomas  (Evans 1981).

1803 Dec. Born in Swansea and baptised there in 1804 (Evans 1981).
1819-22 He assisted his father in the management of the Nantgarw works (Williams 1932, 111).
1826 Aug. He married Mary Spencer Jones in Cardiff and was then living at St Mary’s (Evans 1981).
1828 Jul. Working as a pipe maker in High Street, Cardiff where his son William Henry was baptised (Evans 1981).
1829 Described as a pipe maker, Grocer, etc of High Street, Cardiff and Nantgarw (Evans 1981).
1830 May. Working as a pipe maker in High Street, Cardiff when his son James Spencer was baptised (Evans 1981).
1833 He re-opened the Nantgarw works for the production of clay pipes and earthenware (Evans 1981).
1841 Pipe maker, Bute Street, Cardiff (35), living with his wife Mary (35) and children (41C).
1847-48 William Henry Pardoe, potter and tobacco pipe maker, Avon Street (MD).
 1848  24 May. Will of Thomas Hooper Riddle of Bristol, lead merchant refers to ‘my pottery and the erections and buildings, yard, hereditaments and premises thereto belonging … in the occupation of William Henry Pardoe’ (BRO 19835).
1849-50 William Henry Pardoe, tobacco pipe manufacturer, Avon Street (MD).
1851 Master potter employing 25 in Nantgarw and 20 in Bristol, Laurel Lodge, Nantgarw (51C, Evans 1981).
1851 1 Mar. ‘Wanted, a man as an ostler and gardener, who would make himself generally useful in and about the manufactory; if married, and h a pipe-maker, each may be fully employed. Apply pre-paid to Mr William Henry Pardoe,  Pottery, Cardiff. NB. Two or three hands at pipe making all long-men work, may be put on’ (Bristol Mercury).
1854 22 Apr. ‘Potters. Wanted, a man to take entire management of a small, compact redware pottery. No drunkard need apply. An ingenious man liberally treated with. Wm. Henry Pardoe, near Cardiff’ (Bristol Mercury).
1855 Nantgarw, pipe maker (Evans 1981).
1856 16 Aug. ‘Potters. Wanted a man to dip & set a few kilns of biscuit ware, now on a factory about to be closed. For sale, three shafts for pug mills; three foot wheels for red ware; pantile, brick, and cress moulds; good chaff-cutting machine, strong cart; lot of dryers, for pipe makers; garden pots, worth the attention of nurserymen; new jigger, rotary lifting machine, fire bricks, bevel wheel and pinion, lot of best and second ware, with several other articles used in the potting business, all of which will be sold cheap  a clearance. Apply to William Henry Pardoe, Nantgarw Pottery, near Cardiff’ (Bristol Mercury).
1858 ‘William Henry Pardoe, vitrified stone ware potter, tobacco pipe, garden pot & red ware manufacturer, Nantgarw, near Cardiff, Glamorganshire; and at Avon Street, St Philip’s, Bristol’ (MD).
1858 ‘William Henry Pardoe, vitrified stone ware potter, tobacco pipe, garden  red ware manufacturer, Nantgarw, near Cardiff; and at Avon Street, St Philip’s, Bristol. Jars for spirits, porter, ale, ginger beer, and other bottles, warranted not to absorb and withstand acids. Gentlemen supplied with every description of gar,den pots, cheaper and better burners than any other in the West of England. \superior fire-clay mixed for use. Post-orders punctually attended to’ Cardiff Directory, Evans 1981).
1859 26 Mar. Potters, etc. Wanted, a thrower and turner; also from ten to twenty hands, at tobacco pipe making. Constant work at usual wages; but parties not connected with the union preferred. Apply at the works, St Philip’s, Bristol; or at Nantgarw Pottery, near Cardiff. Wm HenryPardoe, proprietor’ (Bristol Mercury).
1860-66 William Henry Pardoe, tobacco pipe maker and brown ware garden pot manufacturer, Avon Street (MD).
1861 Henry & Charles Pardoe, earthenware manufacturers (brown ware) (MD) and also described as tobacco pipe, brown ware and garden pot manufacturer, Avon Street (KD). (Possibly William Henry Pardoe or his son Henry, with another son Charles).
1861 Potter and manufacturer, Nantgarw (Evans 1981).
1863 C. & G. Pardoe, potters and tobacco pipe makers, Avon Street (KD). (Possibly William Henry Pardoe’s sons Charles and George Richard)
1867 He died in Nantgarw (Evans 1981).
1871 Mary S. Pardoe, widow, Nantgarw, potteress employing 11 men and 10 women (71C, Evans 1981).  The firm continued under the name of Pardoe Brothers from 1871-95 (Percival and Felix Pardoe), and until 1920 under the proprietorship of Percival Pardoe (Evans 1981).
1881 Mary S. Padoe, pottery & pipe manufactory employing 27 hands, Nantgarw (71), born in Glamorgan, living with her children (81C).
1891 Mary S. Pardoe, widow, 3 South Hayes, Widcombe, Bath (82), living with her daughter Mary J. Pardoe, single (42), born Nantgarw, Alice M. Pardoe, grand-daughter (7), scholar, born Nantgarw, and Lucy Chorley, general servant (15), born Lyncombe, Bath. Visiting her were Thomas R. Pardoe, married (44), earthenware manufacturer, born Nantgarw, Emily Pardoe, married (40), the wife of Thomas R. Pardoe, born in London and Felix A. Pardoe, married (39), earthenware manufacturer, born Nantgarw (91C).
Children: (All after Evans 1981 and census returns)
William Henry, bapt Jul 1828, James Spencer, bapt May 1830, Alice, bapt May 1834 in Nantgarw, Henry, born c1832 in Cardiff (51C), bapt May 1834 in Nantgarw, Charles, bapt Dec 1835 in Cardiff, John, born c1838 in Cardiff (51C), bapt Apr 1838 in Nantgarw, William Henry, born c1839-40 in Nantgarw or Cardiff, William henry, born c1839-40 in Nantgarw or Cardiff, George Richard, bapt May 1842 in Nantgarw, Sarah Mary, bapt May 1844 in Nantgarw, Thomas Richard, bapt Apr 1847 in Nantgarw, Mary Jane, bapt Apr 1848 in Nantgarw, Percival, bapt 1851 in Nantgarw, Allan, bapt Sep 1852 in Nantgaw, Felix William, bapt Sep 1852 in Nantgarw


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