PALMER William I

Posted on: October 17th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1802 in Bristol, the father of Charles Palmer (61C).

1827 3 Jun. He married Ann Lormer at St Thomas’s church (Ancestry website).
1851 General labourer, 4 Gays Court, Temple parish, living with his wife Ann (46), born in Glastonbury, Somerset, and children (51C).
1861 Potter’s labourer, 7 Weavers Arms Court, Temple Street, Temple parish (59), living with his wife Mary (50), born in Bristol, and children (61C).
Eliza, born c1833 in Bristol (51C), George, born c1842 in Bristol (51C), Charles, born c1846 in Bristol (51C), Matilda, born c1848 in Bristol (51C), William R., born c1855 in Bristol (61C), Caroline, born c1850 in Bristol (61C)

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