MILES Thomas I

Posted on: October 16th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1830 in Hackney or Stepney, Middlesex, the husband of Elizabeth Mary Thomas and probably the father of Thomas Miles II (51C, 61C).

1849 28 Oct. Boot Lane, Bedminster (20), the son of Thomas Miles, a mariner, he married Elizabeth Mary Davis (21) of Regent Street, Bedminster, the daughter of William Davis, a sweep (JBPR).
1851 Potter (dipper), 2 Little Avon Street, Temple parish (21) living with his wife Elizabeth Mary (23), works at the pottery, born in Temple parish and children (51C).
1855 6 May. New Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1860 19 Feb. Bread Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1861 3 Ash Lodge, Temple parish (31), living with his wife Elizabeth M. (32), a servant, and children (61C).
1867 15 Sep. Temple parish (TPR).
1871 Potter’s fireman, 10 Pipe Lane, Temple parish (41C), living with his wife Elizabeth M (42), a transferer at pottery, and children (71C).
1874 29 Aug. Noted as a potter when his daughter Elizabeth Colston Miles (22) of Church Lane, St Philip’s parish married William Saunders Andrews (PPR).
1881 Public house keeper, 1A Stillhouse Lane, Bedminster (56), living with his wife Elizabeth (52) and children (81C).
Thomas, born c1848 in Temple parish (51C), George Henry, born c1850 in St Mary Redcliffe parish (51C), Elizabeth M.C., born c1853 in Temple parish (61C), Martha (aged 3 wks), bapt 6 May 1855 (PPR), Louisa, born c1858 in Temple parish (61C), George Henry (aged 1 mth), bapt 19 Feb 1860 (PPR), James, born c1863 in Bristol (71C), Sarah Jane, bapt 15 Sep 1867 (TPR)


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