Posted on: February 24th, 2018 by Reg Jackson

Born c1864 in St Philip’s parish, the father of David McAuliffe II, Margaret and John McAuliffe and Elizabeth Christmas (91C, 01C, 11C).

1871 He was living with his parents, Daniel, a labourer, and Margaret, and siblings (71C).
1881 Labourer in ware pottery, 5 New Street, St Philip’s parish (19) (81C).
1881 6 Jun. He married Caroline Lovell (18) in Bristol (Ancestry website).
1891 Pottery labourer, 2 Mazes Court, St Philip’s parish (27), living with his wife Caroline (27) and children (91C).
1901 Slip maker, pottery, 10 Viacoff Parade, St Matthis (39), living with his wife Caroline (39), born in St Judes, and children (01C).
1911 Slip maker, earthenware pottery, 42 Twinnell Road, Stapleton Road (49), living with his wife Caroline (49) and children (11C).
Elizabeth, born c1884 in Bristol (91C), Margaret, born c1886 in Bristol (91C), David, born c1889 in Bristol (91C), John, born c1892 in St Judes (01C), Caroline, born c1898 in St Philip’s parish (01C), William, born c1903 in Bristol (11C)

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