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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 3 and the Counterslip Pottery.

St Philip’s Pottery 1
It is assumed that William Maynard II took over the Pottery from William Maynard I.  They were not father and son, but may have been cousins.

c1777-97 William Maynard II ran the St Philip’s Pottery 3.

He then moved to the Counterslip Pottery and the St Philip’s Pottery 3 was taken over by Roger Yabbicom and Son.

Counterslip Pottery
He took the Pottery over from Joseph Gadd and Company.

1798-1802 William Maynard II ran the Counterslip Pottery.

The Pottery then seems to have closed.


1777 23 Aug. He became a free potter as he was the son of William Maynard, yeoman (F, G).
1777-79 Potter, St Philip’s Plain or Bread Street (Ao).
1781 Potter, St Philip’s parish (P).
1782-87 Potter, Bread Street (PPR).
1783 Potter, St Philip’s (BWMD).
1784 Potter, St Philip and Jacob parish (P).
1787 William Maynard, brown stone and red ware potter, Bread Street (BD).
1792 William Maynard, potter, Bread Street (RD).
1793-97 William Maynard, potter and chimney mould maker, Bread Street (MD).
1798-1802 William Maynard, garden pot, glazed ware, chimney pot and water pipe manufacturer, Counterslip (MD).
With wife Elizabeth:
Thomas Reid, 25 Aug 1777 (A, Ao)
William Hicks, 4 Jan 1779 (A, Ao)
James Weymouth, 17 Jan 1780 (A, Ao)
Elizabeth, bapt 24 Sep 1777 (PPR), Harriet, bapt 20 Oct 1782 (PPR), Charlotte, bapt 1 Jan 1784 (PPR), John Horsley, bapt 8 Nov 1786 (PPR), Carolina, bapt 27 Aug 1787 (PPR)


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