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See the Potteries List section for the Wilder Street Pottery.

In 1753 he married Elizabeth Allbright who was probably the widow of the potter Henry Allbright and it is possible that this was how he acquired the Wilder Street Pottery as she had been left a Pottery in her husband’s will.

c1753-87 William Matchin I ran the Wilder Street Pottery.

The Pottery was taken over by his son, William Matchin II.


The father of William Matchin II.

1753 23 Aug. A potter of St Mary Redcliffe parish, he was granted a licence to marry Elizabeth Allbright, a widow of St James’s parish, at St James’s or St Stephen.  Bondsman: Joseph Thrall, potter, of St Philip and Jacob parish (M).
1763 21 Mar. A potter of St James’s parish, he was bondsman for the marriage of John Hawkins, a gentleman, of St Nicholas parish (M).
1774 Potter, St James’s parish (P).
1775 9 May. A potter of Bristol, he was bondsman to the administration of the estate of George Davis of Bristol, gentleman (Adm.).
1775 Potter, 15 & 18 Wilder Street (SD).
1780 27 Oct. Elizabeth Matchin buried (JaPR).
1780 2 Nov. ‘Wednesday died Mrs. Matchin, wife of Mr Matchen, potter, in Wilder Street’ (BG).
1781 Potter, St James’s parish (P).
Rate book entries:
[29 Sep 1755-25 Mar 1756] ‘Matchens’ Behind the Full Moon (St James-PR)
[25 Mar 1756-29 Sep 1767] ‘Matchins/Mr Matchell’ Wilder Street/St James Square (St James-PR)
[29 Sep 1767-29 Sep 1769] Wm Matchin St James Square (St James-PR)
29 Sep 1771-25 Mar 1772 Wm Matchin Cumberland Street (St James-PR)
29 Sep 1771-29 Mar 1775 William Matchin Cumberland Street (St James-L)
25 Mar 1775-29 Sep 1775 Wm Matchin Wilder Street (St James-L)
25 Mar 1775-25 Mar 1777 Wm Matchin Snr. Wilder Street (St James-PR)
29 Sep 1771-25 Mar 1787 William Matchin/snr Cumberland Street (St James-PR)
29 Sep 1783-29 Sep 1784 ‘Machin’s House and Yard’ Wilder Street (St James-Wa).
9 Sep 1786-29 Sep 1787] William Matchin Senr. Wilder Street (St James-L)


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