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Born c1823 in Bristol, the husband of Mary Grainger (61C, 91C).

1851 Pottery handler, 6 Commercial Road, Temple Backs, Temple parish (27) (51C).
1855 15 Apr. Tower Hill, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1856 & 59 Castle Street, Castle Precincts (PPR).
1861 Potter handler, Castle Street, Castle Precincts (38), living with his wife Mary (32) a warehouse woman, born in Bristol, and children (61C).
1871 14 Viacoff Parade, St Peter’s parish (48), living with his wife Mary (42) and children (71C).
1881 Potter handler, 11 Beaufort Street, St Philip’s parish (58), living with his wife Mary (51) and children (81C).
1891 His wife was a widow (91C).
Charlotte, born c1854 in Bristol (61C), Sarah Ann (aged 11 wks), bapt 15 Apr 1855 (PPR), John (aged 2 mths), bapt 30 Nov 1856 (PPR), Joseph (aged 3 wks), bapt 13 Feb 1859 (PPR), William, born c1862 in Bristol (81C), Mary J., born c1865 in Bristol (81C), Eliza, born c1866 in Bristol (81C), Charles, born c1868 in Bristol (81C), George A., born c1872 in Bristol (81C), Annie, born c1878 in Bristol (91C)


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