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See the Potteries List section for the Redcliff Back Pottery 1 and the Castle Green Pottery.

Redcliff Back Pottery 1

1766-77 Thomas Frank II ran the Redcliff Back Pottery 1 with his father, Richard Frank.

By 1778 Thomas Frank II was described as a merchant rather than a potter.

Castle Green Pottery

1771-c81 Thomas Frank II was in partnership with Richard Champion and others in the Castle Green Pottery.

It is not known how long the partnership lasted, but the Castle Green Pottery closed in 1781.


Born 8 Nov 1738, the son of Richard and Mary Frank, gallypotmaker (QR).

1764 18 Jul. He became a free merchant as he was the son of Richard Frank, potter (F).
1770 9 Apr. He was in partnership with his father, Richard Frank, at the Redcliff Back Pottery 1 (Q).
1771 He was one of the original investors in William Cookworthy’s Pottery in Castle Green (Selleck 1978, 65).
1771 29 Aug. It was probably Thomas Frank II (the ‘Mr Frank, potter on Redcliff-back’) whose daughter, Polly, married Robert Ring, cooper, of Thomas Street (BG).
1770 21 Mar. He imported ‘300 Stone Pots, 300 Stone Bottles’ from Rotterdam (PB-IMP).
1775 2 Mar. He imported ‘200 Stone Bottles’ from Rotterdam (PB-IMP).
He later became a grocer in Castle Street (Pountney 1920, 160).
1778 9 Aug. Elizabeth Frank died, aged 35, the wife of Thomas Frank of Castle Green, merchant.  She was buried on 14 Aug (PRO RG 6/310, Monthly Meeting of Bristol: Burials, 1743-1788).


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