ELLIS Joseph

Posted on: October 9th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1811 in Staffordshire, and possibly the brother of John Ellis II (51C).

1834 4 May. Temple parish (PPR).
1841 Potter, Glass House Court, Temple parish (30), living with his wife Elizabeth (25) and children (41C).
1851 China dealer, 4 Church Street, Temple parish (40), living with his wife Elizabeth (35), born in Bristol (51C).
1853-63 House & Pottery, Rich’s Buildings, St Philip’s parish (owner Richard Cross) (Consolidated Rates).
1854 Possibly the Joseph Ellis who died in Bristol (Ancestry website).
1858 22 Nov. Noted as a potter when his son Henry (28) of Lamb Street, a mariner, married Mary Ann Jones (PPR).
Rate Books:
25 Mar 1850-25 Mar 1851
Redcross Street, Joseph Ellis, House £12 (owner Ash)
25 Mar 1853-25 Mar 1863
Rich’s Buildings, Joseph Ellis, House and Pottery £30 (owner Rd. Cross)
(Consolidated Rates)
James, born c1827, not in county (41C), Henry, bapt 4 May 1834 (PPR)


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