DUFFETT Josiah (Josias)

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See the Potteries section for St Philip’s Pottery 2 and the Barton Hill Pottery.

St Philip’s Pottery 2
He probably took over the Pottery vacated c1774 by Henderson, Rice and Keene.

c1780-1804 Josiah Duffett ran the St Philip’s Pottery 2.

The street directories list him in Avon Street until 1809, but he had certainly established a Pottery at Barton Hill by 1804, so this may be an error.

Barton Hill Pottery

1804-1809 Josiah Duffett ran the Barton Hill Pottery.

He was succeeded at the Barton Hill Pottery by his son, James Duffett I.


Born c1756, the son of John Duffett of Bristol, weaver (F, PPR).

1756 24 Oct. ‘Josias the son of John Duffet on the Plain’ baptised (PPR).
1779 4 Oct. Josiah Duffett married Judith Pewters, both of St Philip and Jacob parish (PPR).
1780 2 Sep. He became a free potter as he was the son of John Duffett, weaver (F, G).
1780 & 1782 Potter, Avon Street (PPR).
1781 Potter, St Philip and Jacob parish (P).
1784 Potter, St Philip and Jacob out parish (P).
1784 21 Mar. Judith Duffett, aged 31 years, buried.  Cause of death: consumption. (PPR).
1784 8 Dec. Josiah Duffett married Mary Holand of St James’s parish (JaPR).
1785 Potter, Avon Street (BBD).
1786-93 Potter, Avon Street (PPR).
1793-94 Potter, St Philip and Jacob parish (MD).
1795-1801 Potter, Avon Street (PPR).
1804 Sep. Estate of John Sartain James in Barton Hill:
‘Lot VI – A capital messuage or Manor-house, formerly called Tilly’s Court-house ..
A Messuage, Garden and Pottery also adjoining, let to Mr Josias Duffett, at the yearly rent of £28.0.0’. (FFJ)
1804 12 Dec. Potter, Barton Hill (PPR).
1795-1809 Potter, Avon Street (MD). (But from 1804 these entries may be a mistake as he had started a Pottery at Barton Hill).
1806 18 Jan. Noted as a potter of St Philip’s when his son, Daniel, was apprenticed to Samuel Sowerby, jeweller (A).
1808 9 Jan. Noted as a potter when his son, John, became a free potter (F).
1809 5 Aug. Noted as a potter when his son, Joseph, was apprenticed to Preston Edgar, pewterer (A).
1812 1 Jun. ‘Earl Duffett son of Josiah Duffett of the City of Bristol potter with the consent of his said father testified by his executing this indenture hath put himself apprentice to John Emerson of the same city, cooper, and Judith his wife’ (information from Michael and Amanda Gregory).
1819 27 Mar. Josiah Duffett married Anne Bell, widow (JBPR).
1830 19 Feb. In his will Josiah Duffett was described as a gentleman of Unity Street, St Philip and Jacob parish.  The beneficiaries were his wife Ann and children John, James, Francis, Daniel, Earl, George, Joseph, Mary Ann and Partenia, and grandchildren Earl and Sarah, the children of his deceased son, William.  He refers in the will to his properties in Unity Street, Guinea Street and Narrow Weir, Bristol (BRO Will 1830).
1830 3 May. Josiah Duffett died, the date of his death being recorded in the will which was proved on 22 September 1830 at Bristol, his effects being valued at under £600.
1830 6 May. ‘Died: May 3rd, at his residence, Unity-street, Mr Josiah Duffett, respected by all who knew him, and much regretted by his family and friends’ (BG).
John, bapt 24 Sep 1780 (PPR), Ann, bapt 13 Nov 1782 (PPR), William, bapt 16 Apr 1786, buried 8 Nov 1789 (smallpox) (PPR), James, bapt 18 Mar 1787 (PPR), Ann, bapt 2 Nov 1788, buried 15 Nov 1789 (measles) (PPR), William, bapt 11 Jul 1790 (PPR), Daniel, bapt 27 May 1792 (PPR), Mary Ann, bapt 8 Sep 1793 (PPR), Joseph, bapt 16 Aug 1795 (PPR), Francis, bapt 18 Jun 1797 (PPR), Earl, bapt 14 Apr 1799 (PPR), Parthenia (aged 1 mth), bapt 26 Apr 1801 (PPR), George, buried (aged 1 mth), 12 Dec 1804 (PPR)


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