COOKSEY William John I

Posted on: October 8th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1856 in Bristol, the brother of George Henry Cooksey I and the father of William John Cooksey II (71C, 01C).

1871 10 Rose Alley, Temple parish (15), living with his parents William and Cecile Cooksey, labourer (71C).
1878 25 Dec. John Street (23) he married Betsy Thomas (25) the daughter of William Thomas, labourer (PPR).
1879 30 Nov. Bright Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1881 20 St Silas Place, St Philip’s parish (25), living with his wife Margarite (27), born in Bristol, and children (81C).
1881 3 Jul. St Philip’s Marsh, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1883 4 Mar. 13 Bright Street, Russel Town, St George (PPR).
1891 13 Bright Street, St George (35), living with his wife Betsey (35), born in Bristol, and children (91C).
1901 Stoneware potter, 13 Bright Street, St George (45), living with his wife Betsy (47) and children (01C).
1911 Stoneware potter, widower, 4 Sturdon Road, Luckwell Road, Ashton, Bedminster (55), living with his children (11C).
Betsy, born c1880 in Bristol (81C), William John, born 1 Nov 1879, bapt 30 Nov 1879 (PPR), Arthur, born 31 May 1881, bapt 3 Jul 1881 (PPR), Florence, born 3 Feb 1883, bapt 4 Mar 1883 (PPR), Maud, born c1886 in Bristol (91C), Ernest, born c1889 in Bristol (91C)


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