COOK (COOKE) Charles

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See the Potteries List section for the Bedminster Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by Margaret Dean.

1824-48 Charles Cook ran the Bedminster Pottery.

Cook died in March 1848 and the Pottery was taken over by his daughter, Emma Cook I.


Born c1801, not in the county (41C).

1801 16 Oct. Possibly the Charles Cook baptised at St Philip’s church, the son of Thomas and Mary Cook (Ancestry website).
1818 18 Jun. Took his freedom as he was the son of Richard Cook, shipwright (F).
1820 Orchard Street, Bedminster (P).
1824-47 Charles Cook, brown ware potter, Boot Lane, Bedminster (MD).
1826 5 Mar. Bedminster (RPR).
1826 Terrier of the parish of Bedminster: Charles Cook, himself and others; 29. house, 701. house and court, 837. brown ware pottery.
1827-33 He exported earthenware and red ware to Waterford, Jamaica and Jersey (PB-EXP).
1830 Boot Lane, Bedminster (P).
1832 Boot Lane, Bedminster (P).
1835 East Street, Bedminster (P).
1837 Boot Lane, Bedminster (P).
1840 Charles Cook exported 196 dozen flower pots to Waterford (PB-EXP).
1841 Stillhouse Lane, Bedminster (P).
1841 Potter, Manley Road, Bedminster (40), living with his wife Harriet (40) and children (41C).
1845 9 Jul. Stillhouse Lane, Bedminster (JBPR)
1847 25 Oct. Noted as a potter when his son Charles Dean Cook of Meadow Street married Ann Elizabeth Perrin, widow (PaPR).
1848 8 Apr. ‘Died March 28, aged 53, Mr C. Cooke, late of Bedminster Pottery’ (Bristol Times).
1852 12 Jun. Died 6 Jun, at his brother’s (Mr C.D. Cooke), Guinea Street, aged 15, Edward, youngest son of the late Mr Charles Cooke, of Bedminster Pottery (Bristol Mercury).
Margaret, born c1821 in county (41C), Ann, born 3 Feb 1820, bapt 14 Sep 1823 (RPR), Charles Dean, born 30 Sep 1821, bapt 14 Sep 1823 (RPR), Harriet Dean, bapt 5 Mar 1826 (RPR), Emma, bapt 5 Mar 1826 (RPR), Henry, born 2 Nov 1826, bapt 9 Jul 1845 (JBPR), William, born c1831 in county (41C), Edward, born c1837 in county (41C)


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