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See the Potteries List section for the Water Lane Pottery.

He took over the Water Lane Pottery from Frances Ward.

1746-56 Thomas Cantle II ran the Water Lane Pottery.

He was succeeded at the Water Lane Pottery by William Taylor.


Born 1721, the son of Thomas Cantle I and the brother of Edward and Joseph Cantle.

1746 15 Apr. ‘Thomas Cantell, the younger, potter.  His father Thomas Cantell (now living) has a right to the Freedom of the City by serving seven years apprenticeship with Henry Hobbs, Free Burgess, but he had neglected to take this up until after the Petitioner was born.  The Petitioner has lived in houses of upwards £10 in rent per annum for the past two and half years in Bristol’. Freedom was granted on payment of 40 shillings (BRO Wooden Box Bundle 2 no.3; PF).
1746 He became a free potter ‘by order of Com. Council and £2 fine’ (F, G).
1746 19 and 26 Apr. ‘Notice is hereby given That the Pot-House in Water-Lane, Temple Street, late Ward’s, is now occupied, and the Work carried on by Thomas Cantle, jun., and Co., by whom all Persons may be supplied with all Sorts of Earthenware, on most reasonable Terms’ (BO).
1746-49 A potter or potmaker of Water Lane (Ao).
1749 9 Aug. A potter of Temple parish, he was bondsman to a licence granted to George Brown, gentleman (M).
1749-68 Either Thomas Cantle I or II stood sureties of £5 each for eighteen victuallers to keep alehouses in Temple, St Mary Redcliffe, St Stephen, St Thomas and St Nicholas parishes (AKL).
1749-53 Potter, Temple Street or Water Lane (Ao).
1750 3 Feb. A potter of Temple parish he was bondsman to a licence granted to William Downe of St James’s parish, cordwainer (M).
1750 4 Apr. ‘To be sold … by Auction on Thursday Fourth April … a Messuage or Dwelling house and several Buildings contiguous thereto, erected for carrying on the Business of an Earthen potter, with Stables, a large court and all conveniences for carrying on that Business: together with a Close of very good ground adjoining thereto called Rack Close containing about an Acre … in the occupation of Mr Thomas Cantle, Potter and Co. at the yearly rent of £40 …’ BWI).
1754 Potter, Temple Street (Ao).
1754 Possibly the Thomas Cantle who petitioned for the posts of Exchange Keeper and Inspector of Nuisances (BRO Wooden Box 1754 Bundle 19, nos. 7 & 8).
1754 5 Jun. ‘Information of Boon Powell servant to Thomas Cantle, potter, against Mary Spragot …’ (BRO Wooden Box 1754 Bundle 2, no. 10).
1754 10 Jun. He was to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to give evidence against Mary ‘Spragger’ for a felony (T).
1757 He stood surety of £5 for Joseph Sheppard to keep an alehouse in Temple parish (AKL).
1757 12 Jan. The will of Philip Olway of Bristol, innholder ‘And all my other Goods, Chattels and Effects … I give and bequeath unto Mr Cornelius Adams Apothecary, Mr Thomas Cantle the Younger Potter and Mr Edward Cook Wine Merchant …’ (BRO Will 1759/15).
1759 22 Feb. Described as a gentleman of Temple parish, he was bondsman to a licence granted to Edward Richard, sugar baker, to marry Mary Cantle.  This may have been Cantle’s daughter (M).
1759 9 Mar. The will of Thomas Buckler of Bristol, mariner, ‘I give … the use of all my Household Goods Plate Linnen and Furniture … to my Niece Bersha Cantell, Daughter of Thomas Cantell of Bristol Potter … I direct that my said Trustees shall pay and apply and dispose of [the rest of the estate] … amongst the children of my Couzin Thomas Cantle namely Bersheba Cantle and my Couzin Margaratt Downe …’ (BRO Will 1761/13).
1760-65 Various warrants survive which were signed by Thomas Cantle, who had been appointed Keeper of Newgate Prison (BRO Wooden Boxes 1760, 1764, 1765).
1766 18 Sep. Thomas Cantle buried (TPR).
1789 21 Nov. ‘Saturday last died Mrs Cantle, widow of Mr Thomas Cantle, formerly keeper of Newgate, in this city’ (BMBJ).
With wife Bathsheba:
Edward Brent, 7 Jun 1746 (a, Ao, Ar) – 26 Jun 1747 (F, G)
Samuel Davis, 16 Aug 1746 (A, Ao, Ar)
Philip James, 9 Jan 1747 (A, Ao, Ar) – 29 Mar 1754 (F)
Benjamin Quarman, 5 May 1747 (A) – 21 Feb 1756 (F, G)
Joseph Milward, 14 Sep 1747 (A, Ao, Ar)
John Quarman, 25 May 1748 (A, Ao, Ar) – 21 Feb 1756 (F, G)
John Williams I, 9 Sep 1749 (A, Ar)
John Brittan, 2 Jan 1750 (A, Ao, Ar) – 14 Mar 1757 (F, G)
Joseph Cantle, 5 Sep 1750 (A, Ao, Ar)
John Smith II, 11 Mar 1751 (A, Ao, Ar) – transferred 26 Jun 1756 (A)
Caleb Lovell, 8 Aug 1751 (A, Ao, Ar) – transferred 26 Jun 1756 (A)
Harvey Blatchley, 3 Sep 1751 (A, Ao, Ar)
Henry Bishop, 26 Sep 1751 (A, Ao, Ar) – 27 Apr 1784 (F, G)
John Husband, 14 Jul 1752 (A, Ao, Ar)
John Perrins, 11 Apr 1753 (A, Ao, Ar) – transferred 26 Jun 1756 (A)
Thomas Lewin, 20 Oct 1753 (A, Ao, Ar) – transferred 26 Jun 1756 (A)
Rate and tax book entries:
Property 1:
25 Mar 1747-25 May 1757] Thomas Cantle jnr/Cantle & Co. Water Lane (Temple-W,L)Property 2:
[25 Mar 1757-25 Mar 1760 Thomas Cantle jnr Temple Backs (Temple-W,L)
Wife Bathsheba
Mary, bapt 14 Apr 1740 (RPR), John, bapt 25 Oct 1742 (RPR)


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