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Born c1803, the son of Joseph Bright I (PPR).

1803 29 May. Baptised, the son of Joseph and Cecil Bright (PPR).
1818 ‘Joseph Bright junior’. He was one of eight journeymen potters who was convicted of entering into an unlawful agreement for ‘controlling and affecting Messrs. Wm. & Thos. Powell, being persons carrying on the manufacture trade or business of a potter, in the conduct or management thereof, & severally sentenced to be imprisoned in the House of Correction for one month’.  The Bright goblet to commemorate this event was made on 4 Dec. 1818 (Bristol Museum Acc. No. 2225).
1827 10 Jun. St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1830 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1832 & 34 Temple Street, Temple parish (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1835 Temple Street (P).
1837 Temple Street (P).
1837 20 Aug. Temple parish (PPR).
1841 Mary Bright (35) was living with her children Jane (15) and Esther (7), suggesting that Joseph Bright had died (41C).
1849 20 Aug. Noted as a potter when his daughter Esther (21) of Spring Street, married Richard Chapman Barnett (27) a cordwainer (JBPR).
Wife Mary
Jane Louisa, bapt 10 June 1827 (PPR), Esther Mary Ann (aged 6½ yrs), bapt 20 Aug 1837 (PPR)


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