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Born 1808 in St Philip’s parish, Bristol, the son of Joseph Bright, victualler, and the father of George Charles Bright (A, 61C, PPR).

1824 3 May. He was apprenticed to John I and Hester Bright (A, Ao).  The apprenticeship record says he was 14 but he would have been 16 years old.
1837 26 Mar. Bedminster (PPR).
1838 7 Jan. Bedminster (PPR).
1839 11 Aug. Colston Street (PPR).
1841 Temple Backs, Temple parish (31) living with his wife Mary (33) born Sampford ‘Privell’ [Peverell], Somerset, and children George (5) and Ann (3) (41C).
1841 John Thomas Bright, Regent Street, Bedminster (P).
1842 13 Feb. Temple Backs, Temple parish (PPR).
1851 Brown stoneware potter, 2 Plumleys Buildings, Temple parish (43), living with his wife and children (51C).
1852 John Thomas Bright, Henry Street, St Philip’s parish (P).
1861 Fox Court, Temple parish, living with his wife (61C).
Esther Mary Ann (aged 6½ years), bapt 20 Aug 1837 (PPR), George Thorne (aged 14 mths), bapt 26 Mar 1837 (PPR), Cecile Ann (aged 3 wks), bapt 7 Jan 1838 (PPR), Mary Ann (aged 5 wks), bapt 11 Aug 1839 (PPR), John (aged 1 mth), bapt 13 Feb 1842 (PPR), John, born c1845, in Bristol (51C), Mary, born c1846, in Bristol (51C)


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