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See the Potteries List section for the 131 Temple Street Pottery and the Temple Back Pottery 1.

131 Temple Street Pottery

John Bright I became a partner in the Pottery which had previously been run by John Hope alone.

1812-22 John Bright I and John Hope ran the 131 Temple Street Pottery, trading as Hope and Bright.

The partnership between John Bright I and John Hope was dissolved on 31 December 1822 following Hope’s death.

1822-30 John Bright I ran the 131 Temple Street Pottery alone.
1831-40 John Bright I was operating the 131 Temple Street Pottery with his brother, Joseph Bright I, trading as J. & J. Bright.

The Pottery was then run by Joseph Bright I alone.

Temple Back Pottery 1

c1822-26 Between 1822 and 1826 Jonathan Flood was trading as Flood and Company, his partner for that period probably being John Bright I, as in 1821 the Pottery of ‘Flood and Bright’ was offered for sale.

The Pottery was then run by Jonathan Flood alone.


Born c1771, the son of Newman Bright of Bristol, brickmaker, he was the brother of Joseph Bright I (A, Bristol Times).

1785 16 or 21 Mar. He was apprenticed to Joseph Gadd with £10, the gift of Lady Mary Rumsey to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  Master to find apparel and washing (A, Ao).
1797 Included in list of persons living next to the Common Sewer from Pile Street, St Mary Redcliffe parish, along the back of tenements situated in the Borough Walls, Temple parish and into the River Avon near the Powder Magazine (Q).
1798 A potter of Temple Street and a member of the 6th Company of the Bristol Volunteers (Brown 1798).
1803 Stood surety for James Sheffield, victualler, Temple parish (AKL).
1811 Stood surety for Samuel Milsom, John Nicholas and Jacob Edwards, victuallers, Temple parish (AKL).
1811 21 Jan & 20 Jul. Temple Street (Ao).
1812 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1812-19 Hope & Bright, stoneware and patent water pipe manufactory, 131 Temple Street (MD).
1813 27 Dec. Temple parish (TPR).
1816 18 Feb. Temple parish (TPR).
1819 John Bright potter.  (Plans of Church Land belonging to the Parish of Temple made by J.W. Turnbull 1819-20, BRO Aa 65(2)).
1820-31 J. Bright was recorded as exporting stoneware, including stone pots and bottles, and earthenware to Dublin, Cork, Waterford, St Vincent, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, St Thomas, Demerara, Newfoundland, Quebec, New Brunswick, New York, Guernsey, Jersey and Lisbon (PB-EXP).
1820 Temple Backs, Temple parish (P).
1820-23 John Bright, Avon Street, Great Gardens (MD).
1820-21 Hope & Bright, stoneware potters and patent water pipe manufactory, 131 Temple Street (MD).
1821 2 Jun. For sale: Lot 24. A pottery and warehouse … now in the occupation of Messrs Flood and Bright, stone ware potters.  These premises have a frontage, next the Commercial Road, of about 30 feet, and extend 170 feet in depth (Bristol Mercury).
1822-23 Hope & Bright, original stoneware pottery and patent water pipe manufacturers, 131 Temple Street (MD).
1824 3 May. Temple Street (Ao).
1824-30 John Bright (late Hope & Bright), Stoneware and patent water pipe manufacturers, 131 Temple Street (MD). (Previously John Hope and John Bright, 131 Temple Street).
1826 10 Apr. ‘Died 31st March in her 25th year, Ann, eldest daughter of Mr J. Bright, stoneware-manufacturer, Temple Street’ (BME).
1826 15 Apr. Temple Street (Ao).
1830 Montpelier, St Paul’s parish (P).
1831-40 J. & J. Bright [John and Joseph Bright], Stoneware and patent water pipe manufacturers, 131 Temple Street (MD). (Then became Joseph Bright).
1831-40 J. & J. Bright were exporting stoneware to Dublin, Guernsey, Jersey, Quebec, Newfoundland, Barbados, Jamaica and Antigua (PB-EXP).
1832 6 Sep. Temple Street (Ao).
1833 John Bright paid £50.10s.0d duty on his manufacture of stone bottles (from the ‘Fifth Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the  Management and Collection of the Excise Revenue [on] Stone Bottles and Sweets, London, 1834’).
1834 Brighton Cottage, Montpelier (MD).
1835 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1836 Pottery, 30 Temple Street, Temple parish (WL).
1837 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1840 24 Oct. Joseph Bright I advertised that the partnership with his brother John Bright I had ended (Bristol Times).
1841 21 Jan. Probably the John Bright buried at Temple church (Ancestry website).
With wife Hester:
Joseph Bright I, 2 Feb 1807 (A)
David Chasey, 21 Jan 1811 (A, Ao)
Daniel Howell, 20 Jul 1811 (A, Ao)
John Bright II (the son of Joseph Bright, victualler), 3 May 1824 (A, Ao)
William Davis, 15 Apr 1826 (A, Ao)
John Bright III (his son), 6 Sep 1832 (A, Ao)
Rate and tax book entries:
Property 1:
5 Apr 1804-5 Apr 1805 John Bright Borough Walls 6 windows (Temple-W)Property 2:
1823-35 John Bright Temple Street (Temple-Wa)
25 Mar 1830-25 Mar 1831 Jno Bright Dwelling Pottery Temple St (Temple-PR,H,Pa)
Wife Esther
Ann, born c1801, died 31 Mar 1826 (BME), Sophia, bapt 27 Dec 1813 (TPR), Jane, bapt 18 Feb 1816 (TPR), John, born c1817 (A, Ao)


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