Posted on: April 26th, 2018 by Reg Jackson

Born c1842 in Bristol (61C).

1861 Labourer, 3 Temple Backs, Commercial Road, Temple parish (19), living with his wife Elizabeth (17), born in Bristol (61C).
1866 17 Feb. ‘Richard Bagnell was charged with deserting his child, a flaxen-haired, interesting looking boy, and leaving him chargeable to the parish of Temple. It was the man’s only child. He was living apart from his wife, and with another woman. He pleaded an excuse that he was not in full work. He was employed at the Bristol Pottery. The magistrates committed him to a month’s imprisonment’ (Bristol Mercury).
1871 Lodging at 8 Atlas Terrace, St Philip’s parish (29) (71C).
1881 Earthenware potter, 17 Hillsbridge Parade, Bedminster (39), living with his wife Rose (31), born in Belfast, Ireland (81C).
1891 177 Hillsbridge Road, Bedminster (49), living with his wife Rose (41), born in Swansea, South Wales (91C).
1901 Kiln burner, 58 Newbridge Road, St Luke’s, Brislington (60), living with his wife Rose (53), born in Belfast (01C).

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