Lewins Mead Pottery

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Lewins Mead, St Michael’s parish.

Summary of operating dates and proprietors

1771 The pottery operated by John Gates was offered for sale.

Nothing else is known of this pottery.

All that is known about the Lewins Mead Pottery is that it was being operated by John Gates for some time before August 1771 when it was advertised for sale in the Bristol Gazette: ‘Now selling off, under prime-cost (on the premises) All the stock in trade, belonging to the pot-house, opposite the White Friars in Lewins-Mead, Bristol, lately in the possession of John Gates; consisting of brown stone ware, viz., oil-jars, pickling pots, pitchers, quart, pint, and half pint mugs, etc.  Also the pot-house compleat, to be let, with a kiln built on the premises, four good wheels standing, plenty of pot-boards, and all sorts of utensils necessary for a pot-manufactory, Likewise four dwelling rooms, belonging to the said pot-house, with every other useful conveniency for such a work – The premises may be viewed and further particulars had by applying to John Gates, aforesaid’.

Wares produced

Stonewares, including oil jars, pickling pots, pitchers, quart, pint and half-pint mugs.

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