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The son of James Young of Bristol, cordwainer (A).

1715 28 May. He was apprenticed to Mary Orchard to be educated in the art of the mugmaker. Friends to find apparel (A, Ar).
1723 9 Aug. He became a free mugmaker (F, G).
1731 26 Dec. Sarah, daughter of John Young, potter, baptised (RPR).
1734 Mugmaker, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1737 17 Nov. ‘Thos. Short agst. John Young potter in Piles Street. Pl. proved his debt to be 1s.6d for schooling …’ (C).
1739 Mugmaker, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1754 Potter, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
Rate and tax book entries:
Property 1:
[25 Mar 1732-29 Sep 1735] Young and tenements (SMR-L)
[25 Mar 1736-29 Sep 1752 John Young Pile St/Redcliffe Pit (SMR-L,PR)
25 Mar 1750 John Young Pile St (SMR-W)

Property 2:
25 Mar 1750-29 Sep 1757 John Young Redcliffe Hill/Churchyard/Guinea St (SMR-W,PR,Wa)


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