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See the Potteries List section for the Westbury-on-Trym Pottery, the St Philip’s Pottery 3 and the Temple Back Pottery 2.

Westbury-on-Trym Pottery
The Pottery had previously been run by Stephen Fricker.

c1780-97 Henry Yabbicom I and his father, Roger Yabbicom, ran the Westbury-on-Trym Pottery.

The church rates for Westbury show the Pottery was unoccupied after 1797. Henry Yabbicom I and Roger Yabbicom had moved to the St Philip’s Pottery 3 around that date.

St Philip’s Pottery 3
It seems likely that Henry Yabbicom I and his father, Roger, took over the Pottery previously occupied by William Maynard II.

1797-1810 Henry Yabbicom I and his father, Roger,ran the St Philip’s Pottery 3.

Henry Yabbicom I took over the Pottery when his father, Roger, died in 1810.

1810-42 Henry Yabbicom I ran the St Philip’s Pottery 3.

From 1812 his sons, Henry Yabbicom II and Thomas Bawn Yabbicom, were also operating a Pottery in Avon Street, manufacturing stone ware.  It seems likely that the two Potteries shared the same premises and are both referred to as St Philip’s Pottery 3.

The Pottery was advertised to let in 1844 and it seems to have been taken over by William Henry Pardoe by 1847.

Temple Back Pottery 2

1806-10 Henry Yabbicom I and his father, Roger, ran the Temple Back Pottery 2.

Henry Yabbicom I took over the Pottery when his father, Roger, died in 1810.

1810-42 Henry Yabbicom I ran the Temple Back Pottery 2.

The Pottery was taken over by his son, Henry Yabbicom II.

Born c1755 in Westbury-on-Trym, the son of Roger Yabbicom, was the father of Henry Yabbicom II, Edward Yabbicom and Thomas Bawn Yabbicom (WPR).

1755 25 Dec. Henry, the son of Roger and Joan Yabbicom, baptised (WPR).
1783 23 Jul. A potter of Westbury-on-Trym, he was granted a licence to marry Sarah Bawn of Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire, at Stoke Gifford.  Bondsman: Edward Bawn of Stoke Gifford, yeoman (M).
1792 29 Sep. Burfields, including the Pottery, was sold at the Exchange Coffee House, Bristol, to Patrick Fitzhenry of Bristol, merchant, with Yabbicom as tenant (BRO 21782 Box 17 bundle 6).
1795-1809 He was working with his father in a firm known as Roger Yabbicom and Son in Westbury-on-Trym and later at Avon Street, Bristol (MD).
1802 2 Aug. He was described as a potter of Westbury-on-Trym, when his son, Thomas Bawn, was apprenticed to James Alsop, potter (A, Ao).
1807 31 Jan. Sun Fire Policy 799753. ‘Henry Yabbicom of St Philip and Jacob … Potter, on his workshops and sheds communicating situate as aforesaid, not exceeding £600. House only at Westbury-on-Trim … not exceeding £300’ (Blakely 1978/9, 132).
1808 6 May. Referred to as a potter of Bristol in an indenture concerning property in Strait Street, otherwise St Philip’s Plain (BRO 31999(4)a & b).
1809 Henry Yabbicom stood surety for Ephraim Bastable to keep an alehouse in All Saints (AKL).
1810-13 Henry Yabbicom, sugar chimney and garden pot manufactory, St Philips and Temple Back. Residence: 1 Redcross Street (MD).
1814-42 Henry Yabbicom, sugar, chimney and garden pot manufacturers, St Philips and Temple Back. Residence: St Philip’s Place (MD).
1815 19 Dec. ‘Mr Philip Protheroe agrees to let and Mr Henry Yabbicom agrees to rent for the term of seven years from the twenty first day of December instant … a small piece of the field called four Acres belonging to Cote Estate and adjoining Durdham down now let to Richard and Zachariah Boon which said piece of land is marked out & is about Ninety One Yards Long and Twenty Eight Yards Wide.  Mr Philip Protheroe agrees to allow Mr Yabbicom to dig and carry away clay from the said piece of land … Mr Yabbicom engages from time to time to fill up the places from which clay is dug, and to cover them on top with the mould which has been previously removed … in consideration of his being allowed to leave at the expiration of his term one place or pit not filled up but which shall not be larger than sufficient to hold Twenty Cart loads of Rubbish … He further agrees to pay for the said piece of land so marked out, Twenty Pounds p. Annum …’.
This lease was renewed in February 1818, in respect of a property called Gregorys Leaze (BRO Xerox copy 12).
1821 Sun Insurance Policy 879219
‘Henry Yabbicomb of Bristol, potter. On his now Dwelling House only on St Philips Plain in the parish of St Philip and Jacob … Brick and Tiled £400. Household Goods, Wearing Apparel, Printed Books and Plate therein only £100’.
Sun Insurance Policy 879220
‘Henry Yabbicomb of Bristol, potter. On his set of Pot Works in One Building in the Parish of Temple … Stone and Tiled (a Stove therein) £800, Stock and Utensils therein only £100. Stable, Counting Houses and warehouse all adjoining near £100’ (BRO 37165(1/1)).
1824 6 Mar. ‘Valuable Freehold and Leasehold Property to be sold by Private Contract … A Wharf and Pottery in Avon-Street, St Philip’s, late in the occupation of Messrs. Yabbicom & Son, Stone Ware Potters, having a frontage and wharfage of 80 feet, and measuring in depth 167 feet or thereabouts …’ (FFJ).
1825 The property referred to above appears to have been purchased by the Bristol Gas Light Company as they were paying Poor Rates on the premises (St Philip’s-PR).

Note: By 1833 Yabbicom was again paying rates on the premises but it is not clear from the documents whether, during this period, he had built a second Pottery on the land he leased from the Riddle family which was referred to in 1829 as a ‘Pottery lately erected’ (see below).

1825 10 Dec. ‘Robbery – Saturday night last, or early Sunday morning, the premises of Messrs. H & T Yabbicom, Avon Street, St Philips, were feloniously entered, and a quantity of fowls of the large Malay breed stolen therefrom’ (FFJ).
1827 5 Apr. His sister Elizabeth left him her silver plate, trinkets, pictures and books in her will (PRO Prob 11/1911).
1829 14 Dec. A lease between Catherine Riddle of Clifton, widow, and Herbert Edward Evans of Gloucester of the one part and Thomas Hooper Riddle, lead merchant, of the second … of property in Avon Street including: ‘the Pottery lately erected and built by the said Thomas Hooper Riddle on part of the first mentioned piece of ground and now in the occupation of —- Yabbicom as Tenant to the said Thomas Hooper Riddle’ (BRO 19835(10)n).
1832 Henry Yabbicom, House, Broad Plain (BRO 04736, List of Electors).

He does not appear in the next List of Electors for 1834.

1833 Henry Yabbicom paid £15.11s.3d duty on his manufacture of stone bottles (from the ‘Fifth Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the  Management and Collection of the Excise Revenue [on] Stone Bottles and Sweets, London, 1834’).
1838 12 Jul. Noted as a potter when his daughter Mary Elizabeth Yabbicom married William Cox, a widower, wire worker (PPR).
1841 Henry Yabbicom, Gentleman, Broad Plain (P).
1844 6 Apr. ‘Waterside premises to be let. A spacious pottery situate in Avon Street, in the parish of St Philip and Jacob, opposite the works of the Bristol Gas Light Co., having a frontage against the Floating Harbour of 80 feet. Premises may be had immediately. For further particulars apply to Mr Emanuel Wait, Gas Light Office, Avon Street, St Philip’s’ (Bristol Times’ ).
Rate book entries:
Property 1:
1797-99 Prop: Philip Crocker House and Garden Occup: Henry Yabbicom (Westbury-on-Trym-Church Rate)Property 2:
1803-24 Prop: Thos. Walker Sandy Leaze and Clay Grounds/Fields Occup: Henry Yabbicom (Westbury-on-Trym-Church Rate)
1825 Prop: C.L. Walker, Sandy Lands (Field 732) Clay Field (Field 1014) Occup: Henry Yabbicom (Survey of Westbury-on-Trym)

Property 3:
1826 Cheese Lane & Avon Street Prop: J.H. Riddle, Occup: Henry Yabbicom £12 (BRO EP/A/47-St Philip’s Church Rate)
1833 Cheese Lane & Avon Street Henry Yabbicom Pottery £20 (BRO EP/A/47-St Philip’s Church Rates)

Property 4:
1833 Bread Street Henry Yabbicom dwelling house £10 (BRO EP/A/47-St Philip’s Church Rate)

Mary E., born c1785 in Westbury-on-Trym (51C), Henry, born c1786 in Westbury-on-Trym (51C), Thomas Bawn, born c1788 (A), Edward, bapt 1 Jan 1794 (WPR)

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