WOOD Ralph

Posted on: October 31st, 2016 by webfooted
1769 Aged 21, he completed his apprenticeship in Burslem, Staffordshire, and was employed by Thomas and John Wedgewood of the Big House Pottery, where his father, Ralph, worked as a modeller (information from Myrna Schkolne).
c1772 He established a Burslem pottery with his brother John, but the venture failed in 1773 (information from Myrna Schkolne).
1773-80 Potter, Clare Street; wife Sophia (Wesleyan Membership Lists).
1773 From 1773 he ran an earthenware and glass retail business in Bristol with his brother, John (information from Myrna Schkolne).
1774 20 Oct. He became a free potter because of his marriage to Sophia, daughter of William Lambert, tiler and plasterer (F).
1775 Ralph Wood, earthenware and glass seller, Key (SD).
1775 19 May. His son, Ralph, was baptised (Ancestry website).
1781 Aug. He was accused of sodomy and considered leaving Bristol (information from Myrna Schkolne).
1782 Mar. He had returned to Burslem where he became a pottery manufacturer (information from Myrna Schkolne).
1798 9 Oct. A potter of Burslem, Staffordshire, he was bondsman to the administration of the estate of Ann Dove of Bristol, widow (Adm.).


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