WILCOX John Hilhouse

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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 5.

It is not known when the Pottery was established, but certainly before January 1816 when the Wilcox, Cook and Cole partnership was dissolved.

Pre 1816 Wilcox, Cook & Company ran the St Philip’s Pottery 5.

This was a partnership of John Hilhouse Wilcox, Thomas Homans Cook and John Cole.  This may have been the potter John Cole I, who ran the St Philip’s Pottery 6. The partnership was dissolved in January 1816.

1817-18 John Hilhouse Wilcox ran the St Philip’s Pottery 5

The Pottery was advertised for sale in January 1819 and seems to have closed from that date.

1780 25 Apr. He was baptised, the son of John and Sarah Wilcox (PPR).
1806 15 Jul. He married Margaret Peach Wathen, aged 17, the daughter of Sir Samuel Wathen, at Stroud (Ancestry website).
1816 Wilcox, Cook & Co., stone ware and tobacco pipe manufacturers, St Philip’s (MD).
1816 13 Jan. The partnership of John Hilhouse Wilcox, Thomas Homans Cook and John Cole (t/a Wilcox, Cook and Company), stone ware potters and manufacturers of tobacco pipes carried on in Cheese Lane was dissolved on 29 Dec 1815 (FFJ).
1817-18 J.H. Wilcox, stoneware potter, St Philip’s (Evans Dir).
1819 11 Jan. ‘To be sold by private contract … all those extensive and truly valuable premises situate in Cheese Lane, in the parish of St Philip and Jacob … The whole immediately adjoining and connected with the Floating Harbour … Lot 4 consists of the cone of a glass house within which are erected two large stone-ware kilns, turning and drying rooms, with every other requisite for carrying out the trade of a stone-ware potter, to any extent.  Without the cone is a large yard, stables, sheds, two dwelling houses and counting house, with divers other buildings … For permission to view the premises and for other particulars, application to be made to the proprietor John Hilhouse Wilcox, Esq of Hambrook’ (Bristol Mercury).
1846 Margaret Peach Wilcox married Edward Wilkins in Bristol (Ancestry website).


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