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See the Potteries List section for the Baptist Mills Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by Joseph White II (with possibly William White as a partner), although both James White and William White had died in 1866.

1860-75 Joseph Augustus White ran the Baptist Mills Pottery.

He ran it in partnership with James White II, the son of James White I, until James White II’s death in 1866.

After his death in 1875 the Pottery was taken over by his brother, Frederick James White.


Born in 1830 in St Philip’s parish, the son of Joseph White II and the brother of Frederick James White and James White II (PPR, 51C).

1841 Prospect Place, St Philip’s (11), living with his parents and siblings (41C).
1845 25 Mar. Joseph Augustus White purchased from Joseph White the land which later became 22 and 23 Regent Street, St Philip’s (BRO 01789(10)).
1847 30 Jun. Baptist Mills (21) the son of Joseph White, a potter, he married Catherine Brewer (21) of Pennywell Road, the daughter of Henry Brewer, an upholsterer (HTPR).
1853 22 Nov. Joseph Augustus White purchased 15 Cornwallis Place, St Philip’s (BRO 01789(10)).
1859 15 Cornwallis Place, Baptist Mills (HD).
1860 4 Aug. ‘To earthenware dealers, etc., Messrs J. & J. White (late J.J. White & W. White) beg to thank their friends and the public generally for the liberal patronage bestowed upon them, and hope, by the superior manufacture of their goods and promptitude in the execution of all orders with which they may be favoured, to merit the large amount of patronage which has been awarded to the firm for upwards of half a century. Baptist Mills Pottery, August 3, 1860’ (Bristol Mercury).
1861 Master potter, employing 37 men, 17 women and 15 boys, Cornwallis Place, St Philip’s parish (31), living with his wife Catherine (30), born in Walcot, Bath, Somerset, and daughter Catherine (12), born in St Philip’s parish (61C).
1861-69 J. & J. White, Baptist Mills, Egyptian black and Rockingham tea pot, stone jug and earthenware manufactory (MD).
1861 White Bros., Phoenix Pottery, Millpond Street, Baptist Mills, refined tobacco pipe and terra cotta manufacturers (KD). James and Joseph Augustus White, Millpond Street, Baptist Mills, potters (KD).
1861 15 Cornwallis Place, Baptist Mills (KD).
1865 26 Sep. Bristol Industrial Exhibition: ‘Messrs White … sent a capital collection, including some quaint looking little cups and saucers decorated with impish black figures, more like tadpoles than anything else’ (Western Daily Press).
1865 30 Oct. Bristol Industrial Exhibition. Class: Useful and Ornamental, £3 prize. Workmen in the employ of Messrs White Pottery, Baptist Mills – Rockingham stone ware (Bristol Times and Mirror).
1870 20 Aug. ‘Married August 15, at Stapleton church, Mr Joseph A. White of the Baptist Mills Pottery, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Bishop, of Stapleton Grove Villa’ (Bristol Mercury).
1870 31 Dec. ‘Thursday evening last, at Mr Joseph White’s pottery, Baptist Mills, a large gathering of friends, with workmen and their wives, met to celebrate his marriage, and partook of a plentiful supply of beef, pudding, etc., after which a congratulatory address was read by a workman, and warmly responded to by Mr White. Subsequently appropriate speeches were given, interspersed with toasts, songs, and dancing, and other amusements concluded the evening’ (Bristol Mercury).
 1870-80 J.A. White, Millpond Street, Baptist Mills, stone and earthenware manufacturer, etc. (MD).
1871 Potter (master, employing 32 men, 12 boys and 23 women), Claremont Villa, Claremont Place, St Philip’s parish (41), living with his wife Catherine (41) and Sarah Holley (22), general servant (71C).
 1872 6 Apr. ‘On Thursday morning a fire was found to be raging on the premises of Messrs White and Co’s pottery, Wheel Lane, Baptist Mills, by P.S. 8. The officer immediately roused up the neighbours, who managed to rescue the tools and patterns from the building. Information was sent to the different Fire Offices, but on the arrival of the reels it was found that the building in which the fire originated was completely gutted and the roof fell in. The fire is supposed to have been caused by the careless snuffing of a candle by one of the workmen. The damage is estimated at between five and six hundred pounds.  The amount is fully covered by insurance in the Phoenix and Imperial Fire offices’ (Bristol Mercury).
1872 2 Sep. A payment of £100 by Joseph A. White to Thomas Bishop [his father-in-law] of Stapleton Road, commercial traveller, for the purchase of Porch House, Baptist Mills (BRO 01789(9)).
1873 4 Jul. ‘Wanted. Two steady placers and one who can dip. Constant employment. Baptist Mills Pottery’ (Western Daily Press).
1875 6 Jul. Joseph Augustus White made his will naming Frederick James White and Catherine White as executors (BRO 01789(10)).
1875 15 Nov. During severe floods, the Baptist Mills Pottery and tanyards, brickfields, etc. in the neighbourhood of Mina Road were all flooded to a depth of from 4 to 5 feet (Western Daily Press).
 1875 12 Nov. Joseph Augustus White died. His will was proved on 22 December 1875 by his brother Frederick James White of Bishopston and Catherine White, his widow, and he was described as a potter, late of Baptist Mills and 2 Frenchay Villas in the parish of St George. His effects were valued at under £4,000 (BRO 01789(10); PRO National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966).
(Despite his death, he was still named in directories as operating the Pottery until 1880).
1879 12 May. Mortgage of property. Joseph Augustus White had died owing £1289.3s.2d to Stuckey’s Bank. The bank was granted the following properties: 15 Cornwallis Place, St Philip’s; 22 and 23 Regent Street, St Philip’s; 2 houses in Millpond Street; Porch House, Baptist Mills; 6 houses in Baptist Mills. The agreement was made between Frederick James White (executor of the will of J.A. White) late of St John, New Brunswick, but now of Baptist Mills Pottery, and Catherine White, widow, of 4 Frenchay Villas, Stapleton Road … and Stuckey’s Bank (BRO 01789(10)).



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