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See the Potteries List section for the Limekiln Lane Pottery 1.

The Pottery had previously been run by Henry Hobbs.

1724-34 John Weaver and William Pottery were in partnership at the Pottery.  In 1734 John Weaver died and William Pottery moved to Limekiln Lane Pottery 2.

The Pottery was then taken over by Charles Christopher.

The son of Phineas Weaver of Midsomer Norton, Somerset, yeoman (A).

1711 11 Apr. He was apprenticed to Edward II and Mary Ward (A, Ao).
1713 16 Jan. His apprenticeship was transferred to James Ward (A).
1718 12 Aug. He became a free potter (F, G).
1724 27 Apr. He was described as a gallypotmaker (A, Ao, Ar).
1726 11 Feb. He was described as a white potter (A, Ao, Ar).
1726 He was exporting earthenware to Jamaica and, with William Pottery, to Barbados (PB-EXP).  (Note: not all Port Books have been studied).
1730-34 He was described as a potter of Limekiln or Cow Lane (A, Ao, Ar).
1731 23 Sep. ‘Henry Jones agst Edwd. Wilkins potter at Mr Weavers potthouse’ (C).
1732 22 Aug. Described as a potter of Bristol in his will. He made the following bequests: Ten pounds each to John Grace, Henry Grace, John Weaver Grace, Thomas Grace and Mary Grace, children of his brother-in-law, John Grace. Ten pounds each to place Henry Grace and Thomas Grace as apprentices. To his wife Esther his share (a half part) in their house in the parish of St Augustine-the-Less, in the occupation of John Grace, senior, and the residue of his estate. To his sister-in-law, Judith Parsons, the residue of his estate. To his brothers, George and Phineas, his woollen wearing apparel. To his nephews, John and George Weaver, and his niece, Mary Weaver, the children of his brother George, one guinea each. To his sister, Mary, wife of John Grace, twentyfive pounds. Ten pounds to the Minister of the Baptist Meeting in the Pithay in the parish of Christchurch, to be distributed amongst the poor. The will was proved on 13 September 1734 (PRO Prob RG1/667).
1734 Potter, St Augustine’s parish (P).
1734 16 Jul. Potter, Limekiln Lane, St Michael’s parish (JB).
1734 He had died by 13 Sep when his will was proved (PRO Prob RG11/667).
1739 8 May. Henry, son of John Grace I, potter, was apprenticed to John Mason, turner, with £10, ‘the gift of Mr John Weaver, dec’d’ (Ar).
With wife Hester:
Josiah Bundy, 27 Apr 1724 (A, Ao, Ar)-15 May 1731 (F, G)
Thomas Lindslee II, 11 Feb 1726 (A, Ao, Ar)
John Martin, 23 Nov 1730 (A, Ao, Ar)
Robert Tanner, 30 Nov 1730 (A, Ao, Ar)
John Grace II, 11 Feb 1731 (A, Ao, Ar)-transferred 8 Jan 1736 (A)
John Coggeswell, 14 Mar 1733 (A, Ao, Ar, G)-transferred 8 Jan 1736 (A)
Philip Bye, 20 May 1732 (A, Ao, Ar)
John Harris II, 16 Jun 1733 (A, Ao, Ar)-transferred 8 Jan 1736 (A)
John Grace III, 18 Jun 1733 (A, Ao, Ar)
James Grant, 8 Sep 1733 (A, Ao, Ar)-transferred 8 Jan 1736 (A)
John Bowen, 13 Apr 1734 (A, Ao, Ar)-transferred 8 Jan 1736 (A)
William Yeamans, 20 Apr 1734 (A, Ao, Ar)
Rate book entries:
Limekiln Lane Pottery 1 was leased by Joan Bayley – Pottery and Weaver being her undertenants.  Rate book entries are therefore listed under Joan Bayley, except:
1728/29 ‘Pottery and Weaver for the Potthouse’ (St Augustine’s-LS)


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