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See the Potteries List section for the Water Lane Pottery.

James Ward took over the Water Lane Pottery after the death of his brother, Edward Ward II, in 1712.

1712-32 James Ward ran the Water Lane Pottery.

The Pottery was taken over by his son, Thomas Ward I.


The son of Edward Ward I and the brother of Edward Ward II and John Ward.

1694 5 May. He was apprenticed to his parents (A).
1696 He was living with his parents in Temple parish (Ralph & Williams 1968, 253).
1701 Oct. A potter of Bristol, he was granted a licence to marry Mary Sperrin of Temple parish. Bondsman: Edward Ward, potter, Temple parish (M).
1701 (date missing) James Ward married Mary Sperrin (TBT).
1702 23 Jul. He became a free gallypotmaker (F, G).
1707-18 He was described as a gallypotmaker (A, Ao, Ar).
1709 29 Jun. A James Ward of Temple parish was bondsman to a licence granted to Thomas Millard of St Thomas parish, house carpenter (M).
1710 4 Feb. In his father’s will he was left his house in Water Lane occupied by Thomas Church, carpenter, his two houses in Rack Close in the occupation of Bruce Wilson and the widow Williams, his house in Temple Street in the occupation of Nathaniel Reed, weaver, and also his house, stable and two closes of grounds on St Michael’s Hill in the parish of Westbury-on-Trym, occupied by Thomas Williams (PRO Prob 11/515).
1712 1 Apr. ‘Mr Ward having promised to cleanse his part of the Law Ditch it is ordered that Mr Eagles and Arthur Bedford do call upon Mr Elliott and desire him to do the same’ (TCS).
1712 2 Apr. In his brother, Edward Ward II’s will, he was left, jointly with John Lidiard of Bristol, clothier, his brother’s ‘messuage and tenement wherein I now dwell in Water Lane … with all the outhouses, warehouses and buildings thereto belonging … and all other my houses, buildings, gardens, lands and hereditaments … there and elsewhere in the said parish of Temple’ (PRO Prob 11/528).
1714 9 Jun. A potter of Temple parish, he was bondsman to a licence granted to Richard Bristow to marry Mary Ward, presumably the daughter of Edward Ward II (M).
1715 23 Dec. A potter of Temple parish, he was granted a licence to marry Sarah Curtis of St James’s parish at St James or St Mary Redcliffe parish. Bondsman: Thomas Curtis of St James’s parish, merchant (M).
1716 5 Jan. James Ward married Sarah Curtis (RPR).
1718/19-1738/39 Rental from the lands of St John of Jerusalem:
‘John Jordan and Jams. Ward a tenemt. and pt. of a rack close late Barnes fee farm £1.12s.8d. James Ward late Thomas Bull a tenemt. lives 10s.0d’ (G).
1720 He stood surety of £5 for Thomas Browning to keep an alehouse in Temple parish (AKL).
1720 7 Nov. A potter of Temple parish, he was bondsman to a licence granted to John Churchman, distiller (M).
1721 He was exporting earthenware to Jamaica, Boston and Philadelphia (PB-EXP). Note: not all Port Books have been studied).
1725 1 Jul. A potter of Bristol, he stood surety for John Neads and Jonathan Weston to appear at the next Sessions (T).
1726 He exported earthenware to Jamaica (PB-EXP). (Note: not all Port Books have been studied).
1726 2 Dec. He is referred to as a creditor of John Angier, haberdasher of small wares, bankrupt (BRO 6609(40)).
1730 2 Jul. ‘Henry Jones agt. John Burton a potter at Mr Wards in Water Lane’ (C).
1731 2 Dec. ‘Henry James agst Thomas Bent, potter at Mr Wards, Water lane’ (C).
1732 17 Jul. Potter, Temple Backs (JB).
1732 10 Aug. ‘William Plowman agst. John Carshore potter att Mr Wards in Water Lane’ (C).
1733 10 Jul Potter, Water Lane (JB).
1734 16 Jul. Gentleman, Water Lane (JB).
1735 15 Jul. James Ward (JB).
1736 1 Jun. Potter, Water Lane (JB).
1737 23 Jun. ‘Sarah Beton agt. David Thomas att Mr Wards potter in Water Lane’ (C).
1737 27 Jun. Gentleman, Water Lane (JB).
1738 3 Jul. Gentleman, Temple Backs (JB).
1738 8 Jul. Described as a potter of Temple parish in his will. He left the following bequests: To his son James Ward his three adjoining tenements in Temple Street near Temple church, in the occupation of Anne Wilson, James Wilson, shoemaker, and John Bowery, tobacco cutter, together with an annuity of ten pounds to be paid quarterly. To his wife Sara he left the house where they lived in Temple Backs, which on her death was to pass to their son, Edward. To his daughter Hetty Lovell, two hundred pounds, and one hundred pounds each to her four children, John, James, Mary and Hetty. He also left to his daughter Hetty all his estates in Keynsham, Somerset. To his daughter Mary Vines ten pounds to buy mourning. To his son Thomas Ward one hundred pounds. To his daughters Ann and Martha three hundred pounds apiece. The will was proved on 4 January 1739 (PRO Prob RG11/694).
1738 14 Oct. His son, Edward, was apprenticed to a haberdasher (A).
1739 24 May. The freedom of William George, distiller, because of his marriage to ‘Martha, daughter of James Ward, gallypotmaker’ (G).
1739 Temple Street … ‘Two Closes now built on … part formerly in possession of James Ward and now of James Wards widow …’ (BRO 04240(1)).
1740/41 ‘Ann Taylor late James Ward 2 tenements in sd [Water] Lane lives 10s’ (G).
1745 20 Dec. Edward Ward became a free maltster, as he was the ‘son of James Ward Gallypotmaker, dec’d’ (G).
With wife Mary:
Thomas Roach I, 28 Apr 1707 (A)
Henry Court, 12 Jan 1713 (A)-28 Sep 1716 (F, G)
John Weaver, 16 Jan 1713 (A)-12 Aug 1718 (F, G)
George James, 16 Jan 1712/13 (A)
Arthur Hincks, 27 Oct 1713 (A, Ao, Ar)With wife Sarah:
Paul Townsend, 15 Feb 1717 (A, Ao, Ar)-22 Jul 1731 (F, G)
Thomas Ward I, 28 Feb 1718 (A, Ao, Ar)-10 May 1734 (F, G)
Rate and tax book entries:
Property 1: Water Lane Pottery
1712-29 Sep 1732] James Ward Temple parish (Temple-LS,W,L)
1715-17 ‘Mr James Ward p. Dwelling House, etc’ Temple parish (Temple-PR)Other properties:
1703-08 James Ward Temple parish (Temple-PR)
1715-17 ‘Mr Ward p. Limekill, 2 Tenements at Limekill, 1 Tenement at Limekill, 2 Houses more, 2 Tenements by ye Rack’ Temple parish (Temple-PR)
1722 ‘James Ward 2 houses in the Rack Close’ Temple parish (Temple-PR)
1730-39 James Ward for the Rack Close/Tenements Burrough Walls (Temple-L)
Wife Mary
Thomas, bapt 2 Aug 1702 (TPR); Hetty, bapt 22 Apr 1706 (TPR); James, bapt 27 May 1708 (TPR); Edward, apprenticed 14 Oct 1738 (A); Martha, freedom of her husband 24 May 1739 (G); Mary (will); Ann (will)


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