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Born c1833 in Bristol, the father of William Tucker III (61C).

1851 13 Apr. Cheese Lane, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1861 Potter’s labourer, 5 Pump Court, Temple parish (28), living with his wife Eliza (28) born in Bristol and children (61C).
1871 Potter’s labourer, 9 Wrights Court, Pile Street, St Mary Redcliffe parish (36), living with his wife Eliza (37) and children (71C).
1887 19 Dec. Noted as a potter when his daughter Clara Matilda (21) of 5 Brickyard, married Charles Clarke (RPR).
William (aged 3 wks), bapt 13 Apr 1851 (PPR), Eliza Ann, born c1855 in Bristol (61C), Caroline, born c1857 in Bristol (61C), Emma J., born c1858 in Bristol (61C), George, born c1859 in Bristol (61C), Elizabeth, born c1861 in Bristol (61C), Charles, born c1864 in Bristol (71C), Clara Matilda, born c1866 in Bristol (71C), Rosina, born c1868 in Bristol (71C), Joseph, born c1870 in Bristol (71C)


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