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See the Potteries List section for the Tucker Street Pottery and the St Philip’s Pottery 1.

Tucker Street Pottery

1734-38 Paul Townsend ran the Tucker Street Pottery.

He was ordered to close the Tucker Street on 19 December 1738.

St Philip’s Pottery 1

1740-60 Paul Townsend ran the St Philip’s Pottery 1.
1760-68 By 1760 Paul Townsend claimed to be incapable of carrying on his trade and it is possible that the Pottery was run by his son, John Townsend, from that date.

The Pottery was advertised for sale in 1768.

The son of David Townsend of Calne, Wiltshire, drugget maker, and the father of John and Joseph Townsend.

1717 15 Feb. He was apprenticed to James and Sarah Ward. Friends to find apparel (A, Ao, Ar).
1731 22 Jul. He became a free gallypotmaker (F, G).
1733 15 Feb. ‘Paul Townsend agst. John Burton potter at Mr Pottery’s under Brandon Hill’ (C).
1734 He established and built his ‘Mugg-Kiln’ in Tucker Street, Temple parish, at a cost of £130 (see below).
1736 6 Aug. Potter, Tucker Street (Ao).
1739 4 Jun. Paul Townsend, potter, and Isaac Reece, merchant tailor, signed an obligation to repay Marmaduke Williams and Caleb Parsons, merchant tailors, the sum of sixty pounds (BRO 19841(1)).
1739 10 Feb. ‘The Petition of Paul Townsend Muggmaker was read in the House setting forth That in the Mayoralty of John Rich, Esqr. [1734] he had erected a Mugg-Kiln in Tucker Street here by leave of the then Surveyors of the Lnds Tenements and Hereditaments of this City and therein expended the sum of one hundred and thirty pounds and carried on his Trade there till the 19th day of December last when he was ordered to Stop further Working at the said Kiln to which he had submitted although to his great Detriment and prayed such Relief in the prem’es as to the House shall seem meet And the question being thereupon put it is unanimously resolved and ordered that the matter of the said petition be referred to the Consideration of the Mayor and Aldermen or any of the five of them whereof … who are desired to make the said petitioner such Reparacon in the premises as they shall think fit as the Gift of this House …’ (CCP).
1739 3 May. ‘Mr Chamberlain. By virtue of the above written Order of Comon Council We do hereby order you to pay to the above named Paul Townsend the Sum of Fifty pounds …’ (BRO CT Wooden Voucher Box 1738/9 Voucher No.38).
1739 Gallypotmaker, St Philip and Jacob parish (P).
1741, 1748 & 1753 Potter, Back Lane (Ao).
1754 Gallypotmaker, St Philip and Jacob parish (P).
1755 May. He was declared a bankrupt (Ray 1968, 50).
1760 Not dated but probably November: ‘Petition to John Durbin, Mayor, and the Aldermen and Common Council, by Paul Townsend, stone potter, a free burgess of near 60 years of age, now rendered incapable of getting a sufficient competency at his trade, applying for the office of Exchange Keeper … Lives in Back Lane in the parish of St Philip’s’ (BRO Wooden Box 1760 Bundle 15 No.13).

Paul Townsend was not elected to this post (BRO 04264(13)).

1768 20 Aug. ‘To be Let or Sold for the remainder of a term of Seventy one years near twenty of which are unexpired, A Commodious Pot-House situate in Avon Street, St Philip and Jacob.  Lately in the occupation of Paul and John Townsend, who erected a new kiln built of Stourbridge bricks, also a large Workhouse and other Convenient Buildings at a considerable expense … N.B. – a purchaser will be preferred, to whom the Working Materials and Utensils (which are almost new) will be sold very reasonably’ (FFJ).
1772 18 Mar. ‘The Information of Paul Townsend Potter and Henry Sweeting (Sugarbaker) … The Informt. Paul Townsend on his oath saith that yesterday Amelia Moses (wife of Isaac Moses) produced the Sugar now brought here in the Bags to this Inft. and offered to sell him four pounds of the same sort for a shilling which this Informt. refused to have anything to do with …’ (Q).
With his wife Elizabeth:
Abraham Cribb, 6 Aug 1736 (A, Ao, Ar)
Charles Read, 12 Oct 1741 (A, Ao, Ar)
John Townsend, 28 Apr 1748 (A, Ao, Ar)-21 Feb 1756 (F, G)
Joseph Townsend, 20 Sep 1753 (A, Ao, Ar)-6 Oct 1774 (F, G)
Rate and tax book entries:
29 Sep 1739-25 Mar 1740] Paul Townsend void Back Lane (St Philip’s-PR)
[25 Mar 1740-25 Dec 1761 Paul Townsend Back Lane/Unity Street (St Philip’s-PR,LS)
25 Mar 1759-25 Mar 1762] Paul Townsend Back Lane/Jacob Street (St Philip’s-W) (This property was then occupied by John Townsend).

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