THYNNE Geoffrey Arthur Carlisle

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 by Reg Jackson

Born c1880 in Seend, Wiltshire (01C).

1901 Articled clerk to earthenware manufacturer, boarding at 3 Canynge Square, Clifton (20) (01C).
1905 26 Dec. He was recorded as an employee of Pountney and Co. Ltd. (WEstern Daily Press).
1909 21 Oct. The son of Arthur Barugh Thynne, the vicar of Seend, he married Constance Isabel Harley (All Saints, Clifton PR, 81C).
1909 In 1909, with Mr H.S. Thynne, his brother, he formed a tile company in Hereford and built up an extensive business both at home and abroad. It lasted until 1959 when work ceased except for the production of tiled fireplaces and the retail supply of tiles (Herefordshire Through Time website).
1911 Tile manufacturer, employer, Rushford, College Road, Holmer, Hereford (30), living with his wife Constance (27), born in Clifton, and Florence Smart (19), cook, and Elizabeth Cooper (16), parlour maid (11C).
1963 He died in Hereford (Ancestry website).

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