THORNE Gervais

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 by Reg Jackson

Born c1869 in St Thomas’s parish, the son of Thomas Thorne (91C).

1891 Pottery thrower, 10 Byron Terrace, Bedminster (22), living with his parents and siblings (91C).
1901 Stoneware pottery thrower, 31 Mendip Road, Bedminster (32), living with his wife Margaret (30), born in St Augustine’s parish, and children Gervais (7) and Harold (1), both born in Bedminster (01C).
1911 Stoneware thrower, stoneware manufactory, 31 Mendip Road, Windmill Hill, Bedminster (42), living with his wife Margaret (40) and children Harold (11), Maurice (), Dorothea (6), Fred (3) and Frank (1), all born in Bedminster (11C).


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