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Born in 1853 in St Philip’s parish, the son of William Thomas V and husband of Jane Thomas (PPR).

1867 19 Aug. ‘William Thomas the younger son of William Thomas of the City of Bristol, stoneware potter, puts himself to W.A.F. Powell of the said City stoneware manufacturer to learn the art of a stoneware potter for 7 years.
No premium.  Friends find everything.
Wage 4s, 5s, 7s and during the remainder of the said term one half the earnings which the said apprentice shall earn or get’ (Ao).
1881 3 Bedwell Place, St Philip’s parish (31), living with his wife Jane (35) a potter’s assistant born in Bristol and children Elizabeth (15) and Hannah (9) both born in Bristol (81C).
1891 Earthenware potter, 7 Rose Green, St George (42), living with his wife Jane (45), and daughter Hannah (19), both born in St Philip’s parish (91C).


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