Posted on: October 29th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1847 in Bristol (61C).

1861 4 Membury’s Court, Temple Street, Temple parish (14) (61C).
1871 30 Essex Street, Bedminster (24), living with his wife Jane (20), born in Bristol, and son Andrew (2), born in Bristol (71C).
1881 Potter white ware, 13 Waterloo Street, St Philip’s parish (33), living with his wife Jane (29) and children (81C).
Richard, born c1871 in Bristol (81C), John, born c1872 in Bristol (81C), Hester, born c1875 in Bristol (81C), Alice, born c1876 in Bristol (81C), Arthur, born c1879 in Bristol (81C), Louisa A., born c1881 in Bristol (81C)


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